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  1. +1000 for scripting support in any affinity package (photo or publisher preferred for me) Here's our current use case with scripts I made for Photoshop: We built an online system that captures info about projects. Name of the project, dates, the amount of images and their names, the version of the image, the location of the files in Google Workspace etc. When ready our online system spits out a csv for us, for each image. In Photoshop I then run my script which brings up a custom UI, where I go and select the various CSV files. It then reads the info from the csv, opens up the relevant template from Google Workspace depending on the type of image, then it does a datamerge into the template, adds text, version info, injects metadata etc. Then it saves the image in jpg, tif and pdf in various resolutions into the correct project folder on Google Workspace. Then it computes the next csv in the list etc. It all is fully automated. Only thing I do is open Photoshop, run the script and select the csv files. EVERYTHING then happens by itself. I dont need to go search for files or browse to folders or resize things or copy paste export or anything. My script does it all.
  2. Any update on this issue? No matter if I set the Renderer to my 1080Ti or my 2070 Super, the issue still remains (NVidia Driver 471.11) I can confirm however that disabling OpenCL "bypasses" the problem so that will have to do until a proper fix arrives.
  3. Hi Guys Ever since version 10 onwards, Affinity Photo would close as soon as I open any existing documents. Not sure what is going on. I'd say 9 out of 10 times it just closes without any errors. Tried on both my pc and my laptop, same result. Is there a log file I can look at to try and get to the bottom of things? i7 3930K, 64GB Ram, RTX 2070 Super and GTX 1080 Ti with Studio Driver 471.11
  4. Thanks Walt I was hoping I could do this directly in Photo, without needing Publisher, therefore tagging it as a feature request
  5. Walt, could you point me to a link for linked files then please so I can read up on it please. I havent been around here in a while, and when I was, this wasnt possible. Also, makes perfect sense to me (from a PS terminology point of view). In PS you can have linked smart objects.
  6. Hi Guys My workflow has changed dramatically since I started using Affinity Photo some 4 odd years ago. Also I havent been around here in a long time. As a result, I've been forced to return to PS because of the streamlined scripted workflow. I'd like to return to Affinity Photo, but that won't be possible until such time that scripting is supported. This has been asked for several times over the years, but so far seems there has been no movement in this regard. Any news?
  7. Hi Guys 1.8 finally has smart objects (embedded objects) and it's come a long way. As a next step, can we make this live links please? Meaning if the original file changed outside of Affinity Photo, we will have an option to manually update it in the layers, or just auto update all layers from external sources.
  8. Hi Guys I'm an Affinity Photo user, but I'm missing some crucial features. However, I'd like to see if it's worthwhile getting Publisher, if it has the features I need... With Publisher, can I data merge data sets from csv/txt files? Also link to external files?
  9. Hi 1.7 Is awesome, however I'm not seeing any of the things I was hoping for..... In persuit of automation and faster workflows, when can we expect any of these in Affinity Photo: 1) Automation via script - Javascript/VBScript - or perhaps even an SDK (not macros, thats a totally different thing) 2) Linked Files (almost like linked smart objects, or linked XREFs if you will). We often need to update 20 to 30 layers from rendered 3D packages, doing this manually is a major hassle. We just want to press a button and have all layers update from external sources 3) Data Merge / Data Sets. We work on various templates and need to run data sets via csv/txt file to update text layers and some layers from external sources From that list, I think possibly number 3 can be done with Affinity Publisher, is that correct? Any comments are greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi guys I mainly work with 32bit rendered EXR files. When I'm comping rendered objects into backplates, I need to be able to have coloured masks. This is to ensure shadows that are in alpha (masked), creates the correct tone on the backplate. A coloured mask can for example produce a blueish shadow, where a grey scale mask will produce a grey shadow. Is there perhaps a setting I'm not seeing? Whenever I convert a layer to a mask, it goes greyscale!
  11. Thanks Keith So from the link you posted, looks like I'm allowed to install on more than 1 pc, if they'r all mine. It's been a couple of months since I 1st installed Affinity, so can't remember if it authenticates online or how it works. I take it then I simply use the same email and product key as the 1st installation, and it is suppose to work. No funny stuff like "no sorry, that code is already used"?
  12. Hi all Where can I read my EULA for Affinity Photo? I don't see a link in the app... Basically, I want to know if I can install it on my work pc, and using the same license, install it on my personal laptop?
  13. Hi all When I've setup a bunch of vertical and horizontal guides, they jump or moved when I crop the image. For example if I have an image 5000 X 5000 and have horizontal guids on the bottom of a house's roof line, then crop from that line down, then the lines move and now suddenly those lines are somewhere moved down well below the roof line where they were.
  14. In Photoshop with default HDR toning, local adaptation defaults, I don't get this problem
  15. Hi all I have a cubemap, rendered, to be used as a 360 VR pano. However, the HDR toning is doing something strange to the image and it's only apparent when viewing the pano in VR. There's 6 cubes, all next to each other in a single image. When you apply HDR toning with default values, some cubes are lighter than others. Again this is not obvious in Affinity as the cubes are next to each other. But when in 360 VR the seems are extremely apparent as some cubes are lighter than others. If I skip the HDR toning process and just use my masks and adjustments, then all is fine, but obviously the tonal range is too high then
  16. I have a bunch of linear images 32 bit 18432 X 1536. I add adjustments, masks, zoom around etc. It's painfully slow and for what I do, that's not even that highres Could I either ENABLE or DISABLE GPU acceleration to see if it goes any faster? I have a GTX 670 4GB on an i7 3930K with 32GB Ram
  17. Still not understanding masks in Affinity. Seems way more complex than it needs to be. If anybody has a detailed tutorial, that would be great. In PS I typically have a mask for an adjustment layer, then on top of that have more adjustments and those don't need masks as only the layer below those are affected Also I often I a mask for a pixel layer, then again a bunch of adjustment layers on top of that that affects only that layer. Can't figure this out in Affinity
  18. When I have someting selected, how can I add more stuff? holding shift and selecting new area, forgets the previous area
  19. Tried with a different one, same res, but about 950MB, same thing. If I lower the res in Photoshopu down to 16000 wide then the file comes down to about 350MB and Affinity opens that no problem, although seems very slow even with that res
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