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  1. yes it was an image layer. So now do I just go to layer and add pixel layer
  2. a setting I need to change? add/subtract, all layers, snap to edges, refine settings? i just don't get it
  3. it deletes either way, before and after. I don't know what the deal is... Is there
  4. I have no layers yet. Its just a simple jpeg pic like the attachment. I honestly think part of the problem is computer freezing or whatever making the tool not work for a little bit. It went right around the fish while ago, before it would sometimes work and sometimes do nothing. So I have it circled now, but cant figure out how to delete
  5. Ive got it Alfred.. I finally have got the tool to easily go around the object. Now I just have to figure out how to get it deleted. I dont know why its so difficult for me lol I am sorry. Can we cuss on here? Its because I don't know what the hell I am doing
  6. OK I have this fish outlined with the tool, now if I push delete it deletes fish. So how do I delete all of the outside, I feel so stupid lol
  7. Thank you everyone for your help. I am brand new to all of this. I am trying very hard, maybe to hard to learn this. I can't stand when I can't figure something out. The attachment is a jpeg. I was trying to cut something like this out. I used the brush tool for hours yesterday, kind of figured it out some. I am not sure it is working right. Sometimes it will not do anything. Once I finally got the image surrounded, I couldn't get the outside to delete,which should be very simple step lol, so its just moved to the side. there was still white showing on parts a little bit, not sure how I fix that part. Lets say I make a circle, or have an outline of whatever, and I have a pattern background would I do the same thing? lay down the background, set my circle on top, then use brush tool to cut it out ?
  8. I understand thank you. I guess the selection brush tool is the only way to cut out an image, but trying to figure out how to work it is not real simple. It seems very awkward
  9. Yes that's very obvious. I guess I was trying to figure out how choosing transparent on document set up, would take the back ground we are talking about away from the pictures we are talking about
  10. Alfred I still cannot figure this out. Yes it shows as a pixel. I can take some away with the eraser, but then i erase part of the image. I clicked on the select brush tool and it is very confusing. I got a little part to erase but, now it won't do anything again, and I am not sure how I even did the part I did. I really cant tell if the tool is even working properly. what mode? Refine? Does it matter what this is set at? What is this tool all used for? I drag and nothing happens How do I select the white back ground? Maybe I shouldn't call it background. It is part of the picture. I just want to cut out the fish, or erase the white around it w/out deleting any of the fish. Am I making any sense
  11. Joe this is exactly my problem also I believe. You are saying you have an image that is on say a white back ground, and you want to simply remove the back ground, or as I say cut the image out lol. I thought the brush tool was gonna do it, but the more I messed with it, the more frustrated I got. What is it for anyway? Please letme know if you figure this out please
  12. RC a Are you saying it is easy RC? This is a huge issue for me also. It is driving me crazy!!! Why would the document need to be set at transparent background? Why cant I move the picture I'm trying to do this with anywhere on the whole page and do it?
  13. Does that mean if I have a jpeg image that has a background(white or whatever), I cant get rid of the background to just use the image right?
  14. Thank you so much for your help. I was opening the jpeg with AD.
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