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  1. OK, this might be a Surface Pro 4 specific bug. In the Draw Persona, when I select brush tool (with my finger) and hover the pen over canvas. The cursor is just a tiny circle with crosshair, no brush size preview. But the brush size previews shows up if I take the pen away from the screen and move the cursor on to canvas with keyboard's touchpad. The brush size preview would work normally with the pen after that, until I select another brush; then brush size preview is gone again. Interestingly, it's not a problem in Pixel Persona mode.
  2. I can't figure out how to get the cursor to show vector brush size. Is it possible? Surface Pro 4, Windows 10 Pro.
  3. Please put it on the roadmap. I REALLY don't want to get on the adobe cash cloud wagon.
  4. Illustrator CC has a one click pixel perfect function that snaps all selected points to nearest pixel grid, does it AD has one too?
  5. Thanks for the tip. That works great before objects are subtracted, guides won't snap on the inner shapes once they became one object (rectangle and triangle in attached AD file) guide snaps to obj.afdesign
  6. I see. That can throw off the true dimension of a groped object in the Transform panel, because AD is including the size of selection box. See pics
  7. Objects snap to guide and guides snap to selection box, no problem there. I can't figure out how to snap guides to an object/curve that's inside of a selection box (subtracted shape within a shape).
  8. On an imported AI file, selection box gets reset when I click on reset selection box of an selected object. But the selection return to original position after deselect and select the object again. Is this a normal behavior for imported AI file (CS6)?
  9. Alt + click on a layer isolates it by hiding all other layers, this only works on one layer at a time. Is there a way to isolate more than one layer at a time more efficiently? If you just want to quickly isolate 4 objects out of a 60 grouped objects, how do you go about doing that?
  10. How do you move guides from one layer to another?
  11. I know how to isolate a single object. But how do you isolate multiple objects for editing? Other than hide everything else manually
  12. Please add separators between the stacked panels.
  13. I'm pretty sure it is. I've tested the default brushes in both vector and pixel .
  14. Samsung Series 7 Slate PC Windows 7 Pro Wacom OEM driver This PC uses Wacom hardware which has pressure sensitivity. It works on Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook Pro and Artrage, but no luck with AD. Hopefully you guys can fix it and add a tablet persona.
  15. javafuel

    Constraints bugs?

    I was following the constraints tutorial https://vimeo.com/182383488 step by step, and got odd behaviors like the fill in large square would not draw as it scaled horizontally at first. But it would on the second try. Undo doesn't seen to work on constraints. Dell M7510 i7-6920HQ AMD FirePro W5170M 32GB RAM Windows 10 Pro