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  1. Panorama corruption is still happening as I detailed in entry for earlier beta. I'm guessing this is a known bug at this point.
  2. The panorama problem that I've described for the previous Beta/RC's is still present in this update. I am getting exactly the same behavior showing up for my band group shot. I can provide original 4 jpegs if you want to check this for yourself. The panorama process works properly in 1.4.3.
  3. This is the only place that I know of to communicate with the company. The program sends you to the forum when I go to support from the help menu. Is there some other place that I should be using to deliver this information? I can't find an email address on the web site.
  4. The critical bug in panorama generation for groups of people (see my earlier comment on previous beta) is still present in this release candidate. This is such an obvious problem that I'm concerned about it being carried over into the released product. It essentially makes the panorama tool unusable at least when used with groups of people. I should mention again that panoramas are working perfectly in the present (1.4.3) release. Below shows just one small detail of a large panorama most of which is correctly processed but there are a couple of other problem areas besides the obvious detail shown below. Correct in present 1.4.3 release Release Candidate below
  5. I have 4 photos that I'm successfully making a panorama with on version 1.4.3 but this beta does not create a successful panorama using these same photos. I gather that the codebase has changed and apparently in the process something has broken with panorama generation. I have been generating panoramas of a large group of people and just today with this beta I'm getting what I can only call ugly results for a few of the faces. I've been very happy doing panoramas of large groups of people with version 1.4.3 but this beta (soon to be RC!) is not ready to be used for this sort of process. I can provide the files that I've used if this is needed to work out what's happening.
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