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    Print EXIF Data

    Thanks. ExifTool did the trick without costing me more money.
  2. I want to print the EXIF data for a specific photo to either PDF or to my printer. I am running Windows 10 64-bit Professional and Affinity Photo Thanks, Clyde
  3. I wish to make this same request, including for RAW files.
  4. I am running Windows 10 on two laptops and am logging into one laptop from the other using TeamViewer. When I am looking at the remote desktop and run Affinity Photo (without opening a file) on it, nothing appears at all. When I am looking at the remote desktop and run Affinity Photo (WITH opening a file) on it, I can see the image in the frame but none of the Affinity Photo interface. The remote laptop is an Acer E15 and the local laptop is an Acer 5820-T. Both are running Windows 10. Any ideas?
  5. I loaded a JPG drawing that all black on white background. When I attempt to add a color (yellow) there seems to be no option other than gray scale on the palette. HELP! Also, I just want to fill an enclosed space with one color.
  6. When I load several photos at one time into Affinity Photo, they appear across the top in what looks like random order. It would be most helpful if they would load in either the order in which I had selected them (Windows) or in alphs-number order. Am I doing something wrong? Edit: I mostly use Photo to edit groups of photos, so this issue is not trivial for me.

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