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  1. When duplicating object by clicking [Command] + hold [LMB] (dragging object) it multiplicate source object ~3 times – this bug appeared in this version.
  2. When assigned shortcut do the Narrow Non-breakable Space -> [Control] + [Option] + [SPACE] it inserts just regular breakable space works fine when inserting using menu even can see that had assigned shortcut but works differently.s
  3. Thx for quick answer – however it's a bit disappointing...
  4. Is there any plan to support iPad mobile / touch interface for Surface (windows) platform?
  5. Yes of course, I set Selection in the menu. However its behaviour depends on Join settings in Stroke panel – and there is probably an error in area (or rather dimentions) artboard calculation. I attached file one more time. As you can see on the picture, the Artboard for Rounded joins was calculated perfectly but for Mitre joins it's over-calculated. The same problem I found on Mac.
  6. Insert artboard – wrong size when object has a stroke with Mitre Join. Reproduced on two Macs with non-beta and on Windows with Affinity Designer in beta version. How to reproduce: Create an object eg. rectangle, Set it's stroke width eg. 5pt, Set Join: Mitre Select that object Use Artboard Tool -> Insert Artboard Size of created artboard will be larger than it should be, there is no problem with Brevel and Round Join. As you can see on a picture I attached, there are two rectangles, only difference is the first one has Round Join and the second Mitre Join. Left artboard was created with proper size the second one has strange margin. Sometimes margin is bigger, sometimes smaller – I haven't figured out what it's size depends on.
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