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    Photography, Ham Radio, and Cycling. Sometimes the cycling and photography come together!
  1. Hi Folks, I have just downloaded the latest Beta version of Photo and the image problems seem to have been fixed. I have just used both Topaz Detail and Nik Sharpener to try them out and both are running in 16 bit mode and leaving a clean image. So a big Thank You to the hard working Affinity Team. I have also updated the FastStone Viewer so hopefully all will be well now! Thanks again to all, Regards John.
  2. Hi Alfred I am running version 5.5 and have not had problems with Paintshop Pro X8 or X9. The problem with Photo seems quite random, but it sounds as if I need to update my FastStone. I have to admit that I had not checked for updates as everything was working just fine! I will update FastStone and check it out as it might be due something in the older version not quite making sometimes. Thank you for the info. On some occasions Photo has stopped on me if the last action is still going through its motions but not visible, and some actions seem to on a long time - or is me being impatient?! Regards John.
  3. Thanks for the reply. With regards to sending images from FastStone to Affinity Photo it does seem to be random as to what the image is. It could be a RAW image from Olympus M10 or a JPEG. When the crash has happened and Photo has restarted I can load the same file in without a problem, and using the same system. I have cropped an image of a bee on a thistle which shows these coloured blobs. You can see them on the ends of the hairs on the bee's body. and again there is a highlight on a thistle leaf on the left which attracted a blue blob. Another thing I noticed, lst night, was that when I have a RAW image in Develop I can adjust the noise and sharpening and get a good result. Then when the image is sent into the Photo Persona all the noise and sharpening adjustments have gone and the image is noisy. Also if I go to Filters/Noise/Denoise and carry out adjustments and click to apply these adjustments the image reverts back to before I adjusted it. If on the other hand I go to Layers/Live Filter Layer/Denoise all is fine. when it is working the denoise seems to work very well. Hope the cropped image and my comments will be helpful.
  4. Hi Affinity Team I downloaded the lastest version the other day and have encountered some problems that I did not have on the earlier version. I use FastStone image viewer and select my image and send it to Affinity Photo. On several occassions I have received the message "An unhanded exception has occurred and the application cannot continue. Crash reference dialog will be displayed when the application is restarted. Code 0x80004003. I then click OK and then restart Photo and up comes a crash reference: c4d36dad-d0a0-4749-9767-06cad8471766. Click OK and then program starts OK and runs. If I try loading from FastStone again it mostly works but not every time. I was delighted to see that the Nik and Topaz plugins would run on 16 bit. I tried them out and all of them (except Silver Efex) created blue and green coloured blobs on the image particularly where there is fine detail or highlights. Further experiments showed that this problem does not occur in 8 bit mode. Silver Efex seems to run OK in either mode and I have not traced a problem anywhere in the image. The other thing that frequently happens is when using a plugin and you click OK the whole Photo screen collapses and you then have to click on the Photo icon in the task bar at the bottom of the screen to bring it back. It then works OK. I don't know if anyone else has encountered these things but may be my findings will be of help to perfecting Photo. Regards John.
  5. Hi Folks, I have been using the Nik Collection with Affinity Photo Beta for Windows quite successfully. My favourite one is Silver Efex. The only downside is that they only work in 8 bit mode. I have also been using Topaz Clarity and Detail again in 8 bit mode but they are working very well. Only a couple of the Nik collection show "working" all the others show "unknown" but are actually working. I hope that in the final version we will see the plugins supported in 16 bit mode. Regards John.
  6. Firstly a big thank you to the Affinity Photo for Windows team for this software. I am learning more and more about it and liking it the more I use it. I would like to see a simple but accurate and consistent of adding a border to an image. In Photoshop it is done by going through "canvas size" and in Paintshop Pro (a program that I have been using lately because of problems with PS) it is even more simple, you go to "add borders". In both you can select what colour you want. I like to add a 4 pixel white border, then a 4 pixel black border to images that will be projected or posted on Flickr. The two methods do not remove any pixels from the image, whereas in the tutorials for Affinity it appears that pixels may be lost. Also it does not seem to be as accurate, or as easy, as I would like. Many Thanks John.
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