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  1. I'm having the same problem. Uploaded the problematic file to that Dropbox link. For what it's worth I'm using Affinity Designer with Google File Stream. AD and GFS have always had a testy relationship in my experience, but this is the first time it refuses to open a file. UPDATE: tried opening the file in Publisher and it opened right up. Then tried it in Designer again and it opened right up there as well. I guess Publisher must have sorted something out in the file.
  2. Excellent news! Thanks for all the hard work! I can imagine it was tough to track down the root cause of this issue.
  3. I get that it would take a lot of work to build a fully featured HTML/CSS exporter, and I understand VIPStephan's comment about CSS having no meaning without HTML. But some HTML tags like p, H1, H2, etc are used pretty universally. AD already has character styles - couldn't these be converted to CSS code fairly easily?
  4. Chris, I did a reset on the app but, sadly, it's still freezing.
  5. Chris, thanks for your suggestion. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but I will do so this evening and let you know how it goes.
  6. I'm running Affinity Designer on Windows 10 and it is freezing up constantly. About once per minute it'll freeze for maybe 3-4 seconds and then everything goes back to normal. When it freezes Designer will use about 50% of the CPU capacity for the duration of the freeze. I would assume my computer's CPU simply isn't powerful enough, but Designer regularly uses up to 90% of the CPU capacity with no problems. Also this was never a problem before (same computer, same files). It's been about a month since I last used Designer. This problem started last week when I opened it up and updated
  7. Thanks chrisbst. I've gotten similar feedback from other people, saying the black and orange color scheme is too contrasty. I'm wondering if I like high contrast more than the average person, haha
  8. Kodiak, I appreciate your interest! I'll message you on Skype.
  9. Yes, sorry I forgot to mention that. This is the mobile site. I'll work on the desktop version next. It'll look similar but things will be rearranged a bit to fill the screen.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm trying to get into web design and just finished my first site layout in AD. Looking for some feedback. What's good, what's bad Also, to Affinity developers: this software is awesome! So powerful but still easy to use (that's coming from someone with zero design experience). The individual page images are attached. The image of all of them together failed to upload, so it's linked here.
  11. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but Intel HD 510 integrated graphics won't power AD very well. As your project grows it'll start to lag and stutter when panning and zooming. Not a huge deal, but it'll get old fast. In the attached image, the spikes in "GPU load" are from zooming and panning repeatedly. I doubt many experienced users are running onboard graphics, but maybe this will help other noobs out there.
  12. New to Affinity, so pardon the basic question, but I've searched the forum and googled this but can't find an answer. What is the dotted line surrounding the artboard pictured below? It popped up when I accidentally double-clicked on the artboard in the "Layers" panel while holding the CTRL key. Now I can't make it go away. I've tried deleting the artboard and restarting the program but the dotted line persists. Please help.
  13. New to Affinity, so pardon the basic question, but I've searched the forum and googled this but can't find an answer. I made this dotted line appear and I can't get rid of it. It appeared when I held CTRL and double-clicked on the artboard in the "Layers" panel. Now I can't make it go away. Tried deleting the artboard, restarting the program, and it persists. Please help.
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