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  1. Hi, two simple suggestions: Decouple the "Load LUT..." open file dialog from export dialog in export persona. Opening in one, changes "Export slice to..." location. Add some sort of interface so I can put all my LUTs in one directory/directory tree and easily switch between them. Bonus points for ability to mark my favorites. Might as well work as some kind of import mechanism, as long as they are easily accessible and switchable. "Open file" dialog is def not this.
  2. Create new image Activate crop tool Hold left arrow, crop area moves and each pixel leaves an entry in history These entries should probably be merged, at least, from key_down to key_up
  3. I know there's a workaround, but this behavior is... strange, and it leaves entries in history.
  4. Create new layers that you want to compare individually Try enabling then disabling each in succession Travel the history, notice that layers stay disabled See attached video. This is relevant if we have a number correction layers and want to see how each looks. 2020-08-27_20-25-12.mkv
  5. I want to keep using my Asisstant, so no thanks :P As for it dropping Layer FX, I think it's a bug. I understand it's a new layer, but it's a direct 'copy' of what I'm using, so copying these settings is the least you can do.
  6. Hi, simple bug with undo/redo and Assistant enabled Create new image Drag/drop an existing jpg/png file Resize that new image layer a bit Add blur using Layer effects Turn on Healing Brush tool and try to choose a sampling point Assistant will now rasterize this layer Not that it looses blur, but that may be intentional Undo, notice that the layer goes back to being image, from pixel layer, but it's not blurred anymore If you move back and forth with history it may eventually reapply the blur
  7. I redid the recovery again, now it works ok.
  8. So, I tired to recover the file... 1. Followed the instructions you provied 2. Renamed broken file 3. Tried saving new file. 4. Save appears to perform properly, but then I get "unable to load file, appeares to be corrupted" 5. File closes 6. Reopen file 7. Fails to load, AP hangs on closing the error dialog box. 8. Re-opening fails to load file.
  9. I belie it's the same issue with halos and with lens blur. They stem from the same cause, that is wrong order for resizing (resize-then-merge as oppose to merge-then-resize). I checked "content I started" but it seems to have failed me and failed to load older topics.
  10. I belive I firrst logged it somewhere between November 2018 - February 2019. It's probably lost by now in pre 1.8.x bug since I can't find that old topics. Here's a follow-up of the same issue:
  11. I assume you're trying to be a devils advocate of sorts. Anyway, no, this is exactly not how this should ever work. First, it introduces artefacts when exporting, second, it does not behave in a WYSWIG fashion. There is no way this is not a bug.
  12. Thanks. ps. Run Intell SSD toolbox and did a full diag. All looks OK with the drive.
  13. Had some issues, but it should be uploaded now.
  14. 1. Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 2. AP 3. I'll upload both files in a minute. 4. I may have done some undo/redo, the file was open for an hour maybe, with some editing going on. 5. Local SSD drive. (Intel SSD 730 Series 240GB) Latest firmware according to Inter SSD Toolbox, will run full diag scan now.
  15. Guys, this is serious. I got another file corrupted. AP was behaving sluggish, a bit laggy. I saved, closed the app and now another file is broken.
  16. @Chris B One thing, the file I got is CMYKA/8, the original is RGB/16. Can you try redoing this in 16bit?
  17. Thanks! Unfortunately this is not something I could have done. More so, why did it save with an error? Did you sent it to developers to take a look?
  18. Hi, new release was done, but I can't see any mentions of a fix for this issue. It's such a long runner too (at least one year, or maybe two).
  19. @Chris B Thanks, Uploading right now. @Ron P. Thanks, unfortunately, it's clean. I'll use that for future reference thou.
  20. Hi, I have a file that apparently is broken, saved in .703 beta last night. Won't open properly today. 1. Can I send it to you for examination? Maybe you can salvage some of the layers at least? 2. Where are the backups stored? Maybe I can salvage an older version this way? This happened before but somehow the file fixed itself after rebooting. This one, not so much. This is a serious issue if I lost my work
  21. Here you go, I couldn't find any good OSD solution for my keystrokes, but you can see when it happens and hear my clicking on the keyboard. It stops once I click with my mouse. 2020-07-22_19-42-18.mkv
  22. Tried newest drivers, no change. One thing of note, I remember that in previous versions (2-3 ago) I rarely had an issue where my pointer stopped moving and I had to take my pen away and back above the tablet. I don't get this error now, but I gat the stuck on stroke, all the time.
  23. Wacom Intuos P S That's how it shows up in wacom diagnostic data. EDIT: It's this one: http://101.wacom.com/UserHelp/en/TOC/CTL-490.html
  24. So, testing the latest beta, my tablet is basically unusable. I keep on getting stuck with painting as mentioned in a), and sometimes issue b) also pops up and breaks my flow. As far as I'm concerned, 2 or 3 betas before were stable, now it's unusable.
  25. Assuming this question is for me, I'm using the keyboard buttons. (got the tablet recently, so still adjusting my workflow).
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