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  1. Unfortunately I can't tell about Capture One since I don't have it, but when you export into TIFF/jpg/png/gif it will (by default) flatten the image. Also, remember to choose correct output pixel format/preset of output image.
  2. You need to export ( File > Export ) back into the file format you want to use.
  3. These may help: Ctrl+1 -> 100% Ctrl+2 -> 200% Ctrl+3 -> 400% Ctrl+4 -> 800%
  4. Hi, Thank you for the ideas, I'll try to test this soon. In mean time I have a question: if I convert an image to my monitor profile should I: a) add my monitor profile to my display in Windows (Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings > Color Management)? b) How should I export? Into sRGB ICC, into my photo(display) ICC? I'd rather not embed the profile since it's flaky from browser to browser and viewer to viewer.
  5. You can only export into jpeg as far as I see; with is a bit annoying when working on a jpeg/png/etc and then wanting to save back into the same extension type skipping the whole export part.
  6. Hi, I'm accustomed to having a dropper tool in my HSL filter and also to being able to manually setting the Hue ranges (ie. as in PhotoPlus, but not only). Can you implement this functionality? Also, this works better with hue previews (buttons with hue shown) instead of dropdown as it is now.
  7. I also found a bug. a) Have Macro and Library studios open (same "tabbed panel"). b) Open a new file c) Start Recording Macro d) (do anything, but this is enough for me) Add levels and change it's blending mode to multiply e) Stop recording and save macro (in your own category) f) Go to Library tab, the macro is not present g) Close image, the macro is now present Also, I don't find it possible to group objects properly (created by macro at least) within a macro. Big minus. Also, the Tone Mapping macros seem to be broken, on flips the image, one changes to b&w, other do nothing as they contain 1-2 actions at most.
  8. This seems to happen when you have too much memory used (two big photos seem to enough for me somehow). And this always is triggered by mouse scrool for me.
  9. Also, very evident in high pass filter, where the scale is semi-logaritmical(?) an should jump but 0.1 then by 1 then by 5 and 10s.
  10. Please do, the behaviour in PhotoPlus is much more user friendly.
  11. Hi, when using PhotoPlus when I alt-clicked on a layer it "turned off" the other layers. Another alt-click reenabled the layers that it turned off. Now it won't visually show that the layer is "solo" (so it may be missed if clicked by accident) and also, to disable "solo" you need to click another layer, which seems a bit unintitive too. Maybe this minor issues could be addressed somehow? Also, "clone brush tool" will not save Source settings when switching between tools (not ot mention between photos or when turning off the SW).
  12. Hi, right now the interface presents a very easy way of adding a preset (ie. for Curves). The problem is, it's not that useful for retrieving these presets. So far I've only seen the option to access these via Adjustment Studio, which is very inconvenient and a bit unintuitive, esp. when returning to a layer after some work. You need to select the layer, then choose corresponding adjustment type and now you can see previews and names of the presets. Also, if I used this it seems that sometimes the layer will reset to clean/default but I can't pinpoint the exact scenario, thou I'm guessing it's connected to putting a (curves) layer into a group with another (curves) layer and then disabling the whole group and re enabling it a few times. This may be not connected to using the preset even, but as I said, I can't pinpoint the exact scenario.
  13. Hi, I'm a frequent user of DxO Optics. This software has a nice feature in the UI that resets a slider to default value (not always zero) when it's double click. Would it be possible to implement this (maybe as a togglable option, for those that don't like this) so that sliders would reset to default when double clicked?
  14. Hi, when using some of the input boxes, mouse scroll behaves strangely, it seems that it can only increase by 1. Which would be ok, if the jump would be scaled to accommodate. This is apparent in Levels for example, where scrolling on the gamma editbox moves form 1 to 0 in one jump. This should be shomhow scales (ie. jump by 0,01 OR change the scale).
  15. Hi, In PhotoPlus I managed (with some problems) to record a macro that a) creates a named group b) adds two Levels layers (with two different names) in that group c) removes their masks and adds new "black" ones (fully transparent) d) finally, changes blending modes for both of them to two different types (the order may be a bit off, but this describes the final result). Can you make it so that recording a macro in Photo will achieve similar results? So far I can't seem to be able to recreate this scenario.
  16. Hi, in PhotoPlus you could add "black" (fully transparent) Mask to a Layer by alt-clicking on the "add mask" button. Can you re-add this functionality to Photo?
  17. Hi, I'm trying to get the most of color management in Photo. I've spent quite some time in PhotoPlus X8 to make sure my workflow is fine and colors turn out how I see them in software. My previous setup was: 1. Windows had all color profiles removed for my working display. 2. In File>Color Management I had my monitor profile set for my work display profile. 3. In File>Color Management I had internal RGB set to sRGB profile. Now I can't seem to be able to get the same setup. I'm working in 16bpp with sRGB profile for my photos and I cant seem to find a place to setup my monitor profile in Affinity Photo. How should I proceed?
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