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  1. vin31cer

    Column Spacing

    Thanks Walt - got it. Still finding my way around the new menus
  2. If you drag a box - text box, photo - sideways onto the desktop, no problem. However if you drag it below the bottom page of a document the content of the box disappears, leaving only the box outline.
  3. The space between columns seems to be fixed, and somewhat wide. Is it possible to adjust the spacing, or if not can the default width be reduced.
  4. Very often I want to print a photograph to fit a standard photo frame - 6x4, 7x5, 8x6 or whatever. It isn't easy or obvious in Affinity Photo to determine what the print size of your photo is. The print pop out wastes space by telling you how big a sheet of A4 is, but not the print size of your photo. Other displays tell you how many pixels, but not dpi. The only place I have found where this info comes together is the "Resize Document" window. It should not be necessary to pull this up just to see the print size of the picture. Can we have a picture size menu item where this (and other information?) can be found, or can we have some more info in the print window?