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  1. Hi Meb, Could you please tell something more about 'close paths" and "fill triangles'. I draw "triangle shape" using pen tool and I can't color each triangle separately. I use divide, but it still not working. What am I missing here? Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm not sure if it's the right place to this topic, so if it's not - I apologise. Sometimes I want to check on photo what is the pure white and what is pure black, and when I tried to do this in AP using threshold, I could only check the black parts. When I set 100% value in threshold it shows like there is no white on picture. Should it be that way? Cheers
  3. Hello, on windows 7 64bit, i7, nvidia GTX 660, 24GB RAM, the same problem- very slow and crashes often, almost impossible to work:(
  4. Hi, "reset brushes" button seems to work fine, but I have got info that it doesn't: failed to restore brushes.afphoto failed to restore brushes.afphoto
  5. Thanks, for the solution, all plugins works with 8 bit images.
  6. thanks for answer, yes that's how I add plugins
  7. Hi, I checked unknown plugins to be used and it's still not working, even though there is info that two of them are working. Please help:)
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