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  1. Hey all, Most of the time I use Photoshop for digital drawing and painting, but recently I was exploring other options, just wondering between Designer and Photo which one is a better choice for digital drawing? What are the pros/cons of using either of them compared to Photoshop? Thanks
  2. Hey, When i try to group some constraint objects together they got disappear, is this a bug?
  3. Hey all, Does Photo supports rotating canvas with Wacom touch gestures?
  4. Thanks, is there a workaround for it?
  5. It would be good to be able to drag and drop items in assets pane to organize them into different sub categories.
  6. Does designer have this ability to keep spacing between elements why resizing or moving one object? For example there are 2 boxes with 20px margin between them, I want to make the top box bigger but keep the 20px margin between them while resizing it, not manually but automatically. Thanks
  7. Hey all, In order to use Windows 10 store version, do I need to buy a separate license or can I use my current license? Thanks
  8. It might be a good idea if this loading message be a modal box in the center of app screen, this message in the top right corner is so subtle that most of the time I miss it and try to open the document again.
  9. farshadatis

    Alignment doesn't work

    I am trying to align a text to a box but it doesn't work. I attached my file and a gif file that shows the problem. https://gfycat.com/TightClearcutCardinal align.afdesign
  10. farshadatis

    Dragging artboards

    I am not sure if it's a bug or is it normal behavior, but you can see in this gif that dragging artboard is not smooth and has lots of glitches.
  11. Hey, How can I remove embedded assets in affinity file? Thanks
  12. Hey all, Just wanted to know what are the main features that Designer has and Illustrator doesn't or it implements better than Illustrator. Thanks
  13. Thanks these are great! Just wondering if Illustrator has constraints? I think it doesn't have, what about symbols?
  14. I created some assets for my designs which they have different constraints, when I add them to artboard and convert them to symbols, it removes their constrains and breaks my designs. Is it by design or a bug?
  15. farshadatis

    Alignment doesn't work

    Thanks, I am trying to find out what causes this problem, because it happens randomly with different elements in my file.
  16. farshadatis

    Export Dialog

    Unfortunately I cant share my file since it has confidential designs in it. Seems it's working now! I dont know what happened but now I see the dialog box appears after clicking export button!
  17. farshadatis

    Export Dialog

    Congratulation on Designer release for Windows! I have a problem when trying to export a file to pdf, psd or other formats from file menu. When I confirm export I don't see any progress dialog or something similar but clearly something is happening in the background and after of couple of minutes I see the exported file in my selected folder, also while the app is processing the export action, it becomes slow and cant work properly with file.
  18. farshadatis

    Export Dialog

    Hey, No I am on Windows 10
  19. farshadatis

    Drag and Drop in Assets

    Thanks :) Seems it only works when subcategory is not empty, I cant move items to an empty subcategory.

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