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  1. Hello everyone, Being Mac users I assume most of you if not all use Safari as your default browser. Have you ever noticed how when you have more than one tab in the browser the one you have selected is highlighted and brighter as apposed to the tabs that are not open? Examples are in the images below. You can see which ever tab you are currently pressed upon is lighter. In AD the functionality is reversed, the selected tab is darker while the tab or open document you ARE NOT on is lighter. This can be confusing and I often find myself thinking I'm one the lighter tabbed document. Examples of this below. I understand that I may not be putting this in the best of words, or maybe I'm just crazy and this isn't really a big deal. However, I feel that is needs to be reversed. Selected/Open Document = Lighter Tab deselected/background document = darker tab. See the examples below. I apologize if I'm not explaining this right, id be happy to edit this further if need be.
  2. JordonWade

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.0.21861)

    @Paekke I understand, but I need the curve tool to specifically enhance my personal logo and workflow. Im planning on launching my career/website by the end of the year
  3. JordonWade

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.0.21861)

    MEB, the only downfall for me is that i can't continue my design process until this tool is released. It's what I need. :wacko:
  4. JordonWade

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.0.21861)

    Thanks Matt! It's great to hear you're working so hard on pushing this tool out. It's probably my most favorite/anticipated tool to come! I can't wait to see what you're doing with it and will gladly practice patience until it arrival. Cheers, Jordon
  5. JordonWade

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.0.21861)

    Would any of the staff be kind enough to give us some hint about when the new "Live Corners" feature is coming out? I need rounded corners on my shape and am in desperate need of this! cheers!