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  1. cedricm

    Problem opening TIFF CMYK images

    Hi Chris, Here is a smaller version of the file. Thanks, Cedric StMartin-Ete-2017-105 4.tif
  2. When trying to open a CMYK TIFF image created with Capture One 10.2 in Affinity Photo, I am incorrectly shown the HDR converter and a horrible image. I have downloaded and checked with Photoshop: the files do open correctly with Photoshop. I have also checked with 8 bit and 16 bit exports from Capture One, and both do not open correctly in Affinity, but do open correctly in Photoshop. You will see on the left of the attached file that affinity recognize the photo as RGBA/32 where Photoshop correctly identifies it as a CMJN/8=CMYK/8 image. Not sure that it matters, but the embedded icc profile is from Blurb: http://www.blurb.co.uk/color-management Can you please fix this bug?
  3. So looking forward to the beta of Affinity Photo ! It will be the best Christmas present !