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  1. ladislavsulc

    Affinity Designer - 1.5.2

    Hi, I have the version, I love AD but there are still places where it reminds me more of a hot potato than a reliable tool. Sometimes without any apparent reason the program freezes - but very occasionally. Sometimes it crashes down when moving multiple artboards. The one thing that really annoys me is export persona and its bugs. whenever I click on a certain layer, it does not show in slices and I have to look for it manually when I click on arrow down to setup the export formats, it just scrolls somewhere else, all the time - UFF! sometimes it totally broke down the layout - no clue why - screen: http://i.imgur.com/YVo6fV0.png I can't seem to find a way to remove a slice, unselect all slices or disable slicing tool snapping I hope you will look into this or you already do. Thank you. Best, Ladislav
  2. ladislavsulc

    AD - disappearing elements, union not working

    Hi Chris, you were right although this is not exactly the clean solution I have in mind for such functionality. Works though. Thank you.
  3. ladislavsulc

    AD - disappearing elements, union not working

    Hi Chris, thank you for a quick reply. This is one example here: a vector map - try using a "vector crop tool" from any direction - it will disappear. SInce you already know about the union bug, no need to try that on it as well. Hopefully it will be in the future updates. Thank you. affinity-vector-crop-test.afdesign
  4. Hi, I have several problems that didn't change with any AD update. Precisely: when resizing a vector, at some point the vector disappers - it is "still there" as a rectangle to transform, but it disappears same happens when groupping elements where ther are constraints or symbols inside - it disappears and moves out of the artboard somewhere else union on vector curves makes cpu load approximately 50% (AD) and doesn't work on a vector map (there is dozens of curves) - it just keeps showing the loader... Nothing helps to make it visible and working again. Thank you for looking into this. If you want me to provide videos, I can do that. Best, Ladislav

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