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    Affinity Photo for iPad launched at Apple WWDC

    So disappointed. I have a ipad mini. £19 is a great price, but then to add another £300 for a new ipad. Cannot be done :-(
  2. graphissste

    Undo Button

    Hello I am really enjoying drawing and pixel painting on my Tablet. I have a Assus and remove my keyboard so that I can draw or paint more freely. I know this product is not meant for tablets, but it does perform wonderfully. My only problem is that to Undo, I must enter the File Menu each time. A undo or even the option to personalize the menu bar and add such a button would be great. I think PC/Tablets hybrids will become more popular especially among artist and designers. Who can afford a Wacom Tablet these days. My cheap Assus Tablet runs Affinity wonderfully, except for a undo button. Thanks for a wonderful product.
  3. I am having lots of fun with the beta version. I draw a lot and would love to be able to slide the smoothing amount of the pencil or brush tool before I draw. My aim is to create clean lines without the need to go and edit multiple nodes after. AutoDesk Graphic for ipad does this wonderfully. Just an idea. Thanks for the great product.

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