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  1. lesliedow

    Huge CPU usage

    count me in on this bug, too. And now the app has hung. Anyone have a fix for this?
  2. lesliedow

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    OK, maybe I am feeling a bit grinch-like here. But I have not really found a good manual or tutorial for some of the detailed features in either of the Affinity adobe-buster apps. So, now to get some help on more advanced features I have to buy a book? o.0 It feels a bit like flying Allegiant air. I love both apps and find doing simple things very, well simple but doing things at the next level up is not straightforward. Is there a good manual? Am I just missing it? Completely possible and if so can someone point me to it? And yes, the book looks beautiful and I may buy it just for that, my issue is that to find out how to do stuff I have to buy something that likely has way more than I need. Is there an intermediate guide somewhere? Thanks