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  1. I'll look into embedded documents, thanks.
  2. I love Designer a lot more than I ever loved Illustrator or InDesign but can't justify switching to Photo until it has Smart Object compatibility. Wonder if it's a patent issue or something as it seems a big thing not to have.
  3. Example: If I go to export a pdf, and instead of naming the file I click on an existing pdf so that it's name populates the file name area (intending to overwrite the file I clicked on), Designer will hang every time. This happens with every format. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, thanks so much for the help. It was indeed a layer effect (colour overlay), which was lazy of me, but I was fascinated as I'd never applied something I associate with Photoshop to a vector before. All fixed and now rendering as vectors. Thanks again.
  5. Hi. I've created some icons in a separate Affinity file which I have simply copy pasted into an artwork file which is to be exported as a PDF. These icons are being rasterised on export, which is a problem. I understand that this is likely a limitation of the PDF format - not handling some of the techniques used to create the icons, but is there a way I can 'flatten' the icons without losing fidelity? This is the first piece of actual work I've attempted in Affinity and aside from this issue I'm loving it. Thanks.
  6. Hi. i'm loving both Photo and Design, but I see that smart objects are not supported. Are there any plans to fix this in the future? They are pretty much the only issue I can see with becoming a full convert. Thanks in advance.

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