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Vectors getting rasterised on PDF export

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 I've created some icons in a separate Affinity file which I have simply copy pasted into an artwork file which is to be exported as a PDF.  These icons are being rasterised on export, which is a problem.


I understand that this is likely a limitation of the PDF format - not handling some of the techniques used to create the icons, but is there a way I can 'flatten' the icons without losing fidelity?


This is the first piece of actual work I've attempted in Affinity and aside from this issue I'm loving it.



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Hi Maf3300,


Would it be possible for you to provide the .afdesign file in question so that I can look into this further for you? Any files you send to me will be deleted once they have been looked at. If you don't want to post the file here please feel free to send me a private message :)



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Hi maf3300,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

If you are using Layer Effects (FX) on the icons then they will be rasterised on PDF export. There's no way to export layer effects as vectors since they are raster based.

As Callum pointed out without seeing the file it's difficult to guess what's going on since there's other reasons that may be forcing the rasterisation of the icons (besides the layer effects).

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Hi, thanks so much for the help.  It was indeed a layer effect (colour overlay), which was lazy of me, but I was fascinated as I'd never applied something I associate with Photoshop to a vector before.  All fixed and now rendering as vectors.  Thanks again.

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