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  1. I'm getting a crash relatively consistently when I attempt to rename a new subcategory in the assets panel. Here's my process: 1. Open assets panel 2. Navigate to my set of assets 3. Create a new subcategory 4. Click rename 5. Type out the new name 6. Hit enter, crashes When I restart the application, the name is updated correctly. I'm running the most recent version of Affinity (1.5) and Mac OS Sierra on a 2014(?) 8gb SSD MacBook pro if that helps. Thanks guys and keep up the good work! Version 1.5 is amazing so far.
  2. I upgraded to to the most recent version the other day, and am running into an incredibly frustrating issue. I used to draw images and them export using [Cmd] + [Opt] + [shft] + , giving me the image I had drawn with a transparent background. Now, whenever I export an image, it is automatically given a white background. I don not want this. My settings are as shown in the attached images and there is no background beneath my image, it's just on an artboard. Thanks!
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