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  1. I purchased Affinity Photo specifically for using with Photos.app aka Apple Photos. Instances of using the full-featured app will be rare. So I hope these extensions will evolve and provide more functionality, as of now I probably paid too much for specifically using extensions. Nonetheless, I'm digging in. Here is an issue that is annoying when working within the Retouch app: If I select a tool and then change the diameter of that tool and move to affect my image, the tool selection doesn't remain. To work on the image I must reselect that tool—the change to the tool diameter remains. But this is an extra step and seems a bit kluge IMHO. Perhaps this is a bug? Secondly, when using the dodge and burn, and frankly some of the other tools, I would expect that there would be away to adjust the strength of the selection, rather than just the opacity. That is, dodge and burn are, the way I look at them, a way to adjust exposure to specific areas by 'brushing'. Though I'm unable to do so. Thirdly, I'm unsure what the selection tool is good for? I have watched the tutorial pinned here on the forum, but it doesn't address this selection. Is there a pop-up panel that provides additional tools or sliders so that a user can affect that selected area? Or am I missing something. Can someone point me to a tool to understand exactly how this is useful and its specific feature(s)? Thanks!
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