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  1. Same here...would love to know if this is still something that might come soon. I really wanna get rid of the Adobe products that I use, so far I was able to but one, as of the moment I'm stuck with XD. Yesterday their cloud services went down and I didn't get to do any work at all since I can't even use the software. Please please...create something that could replace XD. :D
  2. Hello, I was trying to create a button using symbols and each buttons has different labels, so what I did is I disabled sync for the text and re-enabled it again once I'm done updating the text content I then tried to change the font family of the text but the change is not being sync to the buttons I updated. Is there a way for me to re-sync the text layer again so that if I need to update the font family I won't have to do it for every buttons..kinda defeat the purpose of using symbols if I can't do that. Thanks!
  3. Yup I still have the receipt ..it is separate. We have to pay it first before DHL release the item. Let me know if you need the receipt I'll send a copy to you..
  4. True, was charged by DHL for the duty too. :o :o :o I ordered the book directly from affinity.store...
  5. You can order it from amazon...just got mine today. Had to pay taxes and duties though,..but it's worth it! :)
  6. Got the book and I love it! Unfortunately DHL didn't handle the book properly or maybe Serif should have put it in a box casing or something to protect it. Now I feel like I bought something from a second hand book store but I guess it is what it is. Nonetheless..good work guys..hopefully future books will come with a box..nothing too fancy just something that is enough to protect it during the shipping period.
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