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  1. There is definitely a market for a professional, commercial, linux-based 2D application. LINUX is an OS for professionals in the fields of 3D, VFX and Compositing, and there's a reason why they did the extra work and published there software for this still quite exotic OS. Some of them already came from a UNIX background like MAYA, but most of them were just ported because LINUX is taking less ressources, is less bloated, it's secure and is rock-solid. It's a mainly a workstation OS. If you want to play games, it's the wrong choice, go for windows. If you are a music-producer, than maybe OSX is a better solution. VFX companies don't rely on LINUX to save money, because if you equip several workstations with NUKE licenses, the additional € 100,- for a Windows-license would be peanuts. Adobe shows no interest in LINUX and why should they. They are the defacto-standard on Windows and OSX for pixel- and vector-based image creation as well as DTP since the death of Quark XPress. A huge market that already delivers more than enough money. An additional LINUX-version would just not be as lucrative. The typical Designer with his trendy Mac won't switch to another toolset. Affinity's market is therefore somehow limited to the hobbyists or professionals that don't want to go the Adobe way of licensing. On the other side, they could advance to the industry standard on LINUX. Not a bad market in my opinion. There's a world beyond the "traditional" graphic designers and photographers that stick to their Macs. I'd have no problems to pay beyond € 200,- for a Linux-version of Affinity Photo or any other professional 2D app. I'm using plugins for other tools that are more expensive and at the end of the day, it pays my bills.
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