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  1. Hi, everybody, first, I want to thank everybody at Affinity for their awesome work. I’m loving my Affinity Photo for iPad, especially when I’m on the go. The biggest thing I’m missing, however, are keyboard shortcuts. Especially these: Cmd, Shift, Alt and Ctrl for manipulating with objects. For example, really often I want to resize object from center holding Cmd key and I’m not able to do that. 10x faster move with Shift+Arrows Shortcuts for (Un)Grouping and other basic stuff Shortcuts to show/hide guides and grid Since many people use their iPad Pros with Smart Keyboard, it would be really nice to have this option. Are there any plans to implement shortcuts in future releases? Thank you.
  2. Hi, Patrick, i tested the beta on the i5 -- and the behaviour remains the same: I opened 4 files. After a while, CPU was around 60–70%. I clicked through all the files and pressed Ctrl+D. At first, nothing happened, but when I did it twice, usage went down to 0–5%. After a few minutes, CPU was again at 60–70%. (I was working in other programs and just left AD open).
  3. Great, thank you.
  4. No, I don't have any accidental selections, pressing Ctrl+D doesn't help. The only thing that seems to help is when I have only 4 or fewer files open. Then it usually goes down to around 2% of CPU usage (thanks, @Pšenda) I can live with that, but it's really uncomfortable.
  5. Hi, Chris, I do use SVG's, but this happens with all types of files.
  6. Hi, everyone, I have Affinity Designer installed on 2 computers with Windows: HP laptop with i5-4210U and Radeon M255 Desktop with Ryzen 5 1600 ann NVidia 1050Ti When I have around 4 or more files open, my CPU usage is between 50–75%. All the time, even when idle. This happens on both machines. Can someone help me with this issue? It's really frustrating, the laptop becomes practically unusable. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I love using Affinity Designer on Windows, however, in my case, it crashes and freezes quite often (multiple times a day). I noticed it happens mostly when: Working with text (selecting font, writing, moving text frame, ...) --> CRASH Selecting multiple objects (10+) with mouse cursor --> FREEZE These are the most frequent cases, but it happens from other reasons too. Thanks. Filip.
  8. Hi, in our company, we are two designers and use both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I have created a couple of palettes and assets and I want to share and synchronize them between all four applications. I know it's possible to export a file and import it in another app. But if I add something to my assets or palettes, it would be nice to automatically update them in other apps as well :) Thanks.
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