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    paolooo reacted to A_B_C in Web design template for Affinity Designer   
    Thank you, avo, great resource …  :)
    I took the liberty to add guides to your grid for precise snapping … if you tick “Snap to guides” and untick “Only snap to visible objects” on the snapping panel, you can hide the guides without loosing snapping (and without the danger to inadvertently move the guides) … I did this for myself, but I hope you don’t mind if I share it here …  :)

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    paolooo reacted to avo in Web design template for Affinity Designer   
    I made a simple template for my everyday web-design needs, which i'm glad to share. It contains five pseudo-artboards which are Desktop, Tablet Landscape 1024, Tablet Portrait 768, Mobile Landscape 480, Mobile Portrait 320. They all have semi-transparent grid over them so you can start quick. 
    I think templates like this are good to emulate artboards untill we have real artboards in AD and are just nice way to start your design projects.
    Will be glad to know what you think of this template, any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to modify it in any way possible.