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  1. Well it works, but it's not exactly what i were after. but thx you anyway.
  2. Could you explain how i find and control the ,command "layer/Paste Style
  3. yes indeed.. and if i wanted that, for 3 layers of curves. I would have to make a combine copy, add the color to that copy, and then place it beneath my 3 curves right?.. which again means that when ever i edit one of my 3 curves, i would have to edit my combined curve also? basically what i am trying to attempt is not possible.
  4. Thx for your answer and your file. This is what i current have done with my setup. But i have a color layer for every curve i have around 30+, which seems like Alot to work with. and i am trying to group them together, and have 1 layer for like 5-10 curves... my issue is that i only can "1 curve with color Vs placing a big fat rectangle across the entire picture". i could use a greadiant, as you did. but i would like to keep that for a more detailed effect later in the progress. (i think).
  5. I am sorry if i sound confused. my native language is not english, and i do have some issue separate the terminology.. based on you lates comment it seem i did misunderstood his video. Would i be correct to say that if he moves a node in his design, the "masked" rectangle would fill the entire shape? I will go through the tutorial you mentioned to see if i can get a better grasp on it. What i hoped to achieve was a "group" of curves that had a "shared" base color. and when edited, the color would follow with it, as long its inside the rectangle. and the on top of that add multiple colors/shadows/effets to the single curve layer. i am not even sure this is possible, but the video made me believe it was. in any case thank you for your dedication and answers, even tho i seem confused they do help me "see" the difference in what i am thinking and really doing.
  6. This is where i am atm. i would like the colored layer to "follow" when i move my nodes.. ( if it's even possible). but it doesn't.
  7. This seems very accurate. I am trying to recreate this *If I understood the tutorial, the fellow had a bunch of loosely drawn shapes that he wanted to unify into a single silhouette. So he added them, and gave them a uniform fill. But then he placed copies of the original shapes onto the unified one, and added various color gradients and transparencies.* And i have, but in his video he can manipulate the "overall" shapes by using the nodes. if i try do the same thing, then when i manipulate the nodes, my colored layer/Overall shape stays where it is. (ofc, this seem logical). but either i don't understand the setup in his video, or i misunderstand my curve/layers... shall we say attributes/abilities.
  8. Thc for your detailed response Firstdefence, i really appreciate it. So i have been testing your compound setup. It does allows me to color the entire compound. and i am able to edit the curves. However what i am looking for is a way to color the background of a group of curves/layers, and then individual give those layers another gradient. in your compound setup it's the compound itself that holds the color. which means that it's hierarchy wont allow layers beneath to have a different color. which is the solution Alessandro Castellani show in his video. But when i try to recreate it on my computer, the color eiter fills the entire square or only 1 part of mye (curve group). and i don't understand why. I need the color layer to be lowest in the hierarchy.
  9. That was something i did understand, but thx anyway... it made it more clear for me to recognize somehow. But from my point of view, i though i already had created a curve layer... more specific layer- curve, curse, curve , rectangle(color). so in my head this should work, i should now have 3 curves with a compared layer of color. or is it the first "layer" that's the issue?, since it a layer and not a curve. *(from what i understand from other forums it don't have a gender yet, and therefore it shouldn't matter). Or does it have to be a Curve-curve,curve, curve, rectangle. layer for this to work? Sorry if i sound confused, i really want to understand this. I saw one of you comments on another thread. so you seem to be very knowledgeable on this area.
  10. I am not sure i know how to make a single curve from the curve shapes? i can't find the merge button. but also. would this "one curve to rule them all" prevent me from editing a new layer with a new curve later.? sorry if i am hard to understand/or don't get it... but i am trying to understand, and i´ve been all over google.
  11. I am not sure i understand How to create a Curve layer then. Everytime i create a layer, and nest my curves i seems like it becomes a group. What is the difference? also he does make a merge curves at some point, which i can't find in any of the menus. I don't know how, but could this be why i find it so hard to remake? Anyway... if i try to do what you told me to... I get this ( see uploaded file). Its a curve layer with nested curves.. but only the first Curve layer gains the rectangle as background color. which still forces me to "underlay" the rectangle nested into every layer i have.
  12. Hi there. So i am following a tutorial from Alessandro Castellani on youtube, regarding his Turnip man. And i was in the middle of the process to make a "color layer" for Every layer i had, when i notice his method was a lot easier. and when i started to investigate i noticed that he Only has 1. layer for his "group" of curves. which he can edit. **his Gradient layer vs mine rectangle layer** When i try to do the same thing, create a square, colour it, and place it beneath all my curves. I end up with my square covering the entire picture* (see picture 1). Which sadly is forcing me to place a color player on every single curve i have. I would like to make 1 layer for all body parts, armour and for the different weapons. around 5-10 compared to my nearly 30 already. I wonder if this is a bug? since it looks like so simple. What could I be doing wrong?
  13. I´ve been looking into some of the shading and i get the feeling it could work. But maybe there are other ways to go around it. ?
  14. John Rostron Thank you alot. You might be right. I will change it so it fits the question forum. MEB Thx Meb for moving my post. * it now edited so it fits the topic better.
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