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  1. I might have some sort of a thumbnail provider... I had problems with thumbnails on Win and was trying to fix it. I was a Mac user for years so I am quite new to Win 10. Could you please give me a hint how to find it in the system?
  2. Hi. I reinstalled Affinity. I figured out crashing was caused by TIFF files exported from Affinity. Both Affinity and Photoshop Elements were crashing on Open File, when I chose a folder with Affinity TIFF exports. I am now exporting to PNG and both applications are stable. Still Affinity lags terribly, when working on my files. These are Grayscale 16-bit files, about 1 - 2 MB each. The Task Manager in Win shows it uses about 60 - 70% of the CPU but the fan works like crazy in my Asus laptop all the time. Is it something to do with how it uses memory? I hope this can be fixed somehow because generally the workflow in Affinity is great...
  3. I bought Affinity Photo yesterday because I was happy with beta. I work on ASUS - Win 10 Home edition, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950, Intel i5 2.20 Ghz, 8GB RAM + Wacom Intuos. After a few hours of work in Photo Persona on cutting and arranging SIMPLE Greyscale images it started lagging. Today it crashes on Open File. There is virtually no way I can use it at the moment. Please help.
  4. Hello, I have been using AI for many years and I got used to some useful selection tools such as: - ability to select separate Path points in Paths that are made of grouped layers. At the moment I have to either ungroup my Paths in Layers panel or open the group in Layers panel and select a Path to work on. - ability to select certain types of objects such as: Type selection, Same Colour selection, Same Stroke width selection. - ability to select and then transform a group of Path points, by using a lasso or selection tool. For example take the inner points of the star and twist them all with rotation tool. I think these would be awesome, if added to the general awesomeness of Affinity Designer. Thanks a lot for your work!

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