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  1. Hi, I have not used starting a new document for a while. When I did it recently, I did not get the start menu. Instead, I get a black background. There is no canvas. I can't do anything. What is going on? I have been a user on the Mac for 5 years.
  2. Thanks Mike. Capture one is very slow on my computer though.
  3. I have a D850. I really need support of the RAW files since Affinity photo is my only photo editing software.
  4. I have been using NIK collection as plugins in AF for a while. A few months back, a problem appeared: after finishing editing in NIK and exporting back to AF, the image appears black. I have to save, close, and then reopen the .aphoto document to see the edited image. the problem still exists with the most recent AF version. I have an iMAC. OS 10.12.4. but the problem started back in December of 2016 when I had an older OS.
  5. I am away from my computer and will be for a few days. The file I used is Nikon D810 NEF file. The plugin is Color Efex. I tried different effects. The simplest is one control point for darken and lighten center. They all have the problem. I used an iMac with the most recent OS update.
  6. With affinity photo 1.5, after saving NIK modifications, the document becomes dark. It remains dark even if going back to previous steps with undo command.
  7. Thank you DonatoF. I will try your suggestion. However, I have older TIFF files with no saved .afphoto backup. Will I be able to open them in 1.5?
  8. My TIFF files made with Affinity Photo are not displayed in Apple programs including Photos, Finder and Preview. This seems to happen to files made after a certain date some time this year. The Apple tech I talked to said there seemed to be a fix by Affinity Photo. I cannot find it. How do I get this issue fixed? Thanks.
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