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  1. Very well. I will have to judge case by case. It doesn't matter much when there's 1 or 2 images, but when I'm doing something like a showcase of 10-20 partner logos, it quickly adds up. Thanks anyway!
  2. That's why I provided the logotest-origfile.png above so a kind individual can try it for themselves and let me know the export settings if they manage to export that file to PNG-8 with the smaller file size and without jagged edges. There's no .afdesign file, as all I am trying to do is optimize the filesize of the original file.
  3. Hey! I just started using Affinity Designer (win beta) over Fireworks about a week ago. Thus far I absolutely love it and everything I've wanted to do has followed a similar logic to how things work in FW, which makes the transition quite easy. Today I ran in to the first situation where I can't seem to figure out how to do something as well (or better) than in Fireworks. That is to export a circular logo in transparent PNG-8 form optimized as well as I did all the time with Fireworks, without having jagged edges / antialiasing issues with the logo. I've attached all the files of my tests below. I did try many other more specific settings with Affinity too, trying to find a good solution but I can't seem to figure out how to get the same results as I do with FW. Original file: 27,6 KB Fireworks export PNG-8: 13,2 KB Affinity export PNG-24: 29,9 KB Affinity export PNG-8, with jagged edges: 12,9 KB For web purposes this is a big enough difference that I need to disturb my workflow and jump back to Fireworks to do these types of things. I'm hoping someone has more experience with this sort of thing in Affinity and can give me a solution that can reach the same filesize as FW without those jagged edges that I seem to get when exporting PNG-8 from Affinity Designer. Anyone? :)
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