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  1. I've used Suitcase to remove extraneous fonts from my user library but there's still a great number of fonts remaining in the system that show up in the drop down of Designer. Is there some way to manage the fonts in that menu option? I know I can limit the number by placing some in a favorites category but I'd like to have the general drop down exclude all the irrelevent options.
  2. On a high rez monitor, this tool icons become much too small. In general, an option to increase the size of all elements in the interface would be a very productive improvement.
  3. The typography window/panel cannot be made to accommodate a complete word. This is a bit irritating. Can this be remedied?
  4. Pilate

    Typography Window

    Great, thanks!
  5. The typography window/panel cannot be made to accommodate a complete word. Could an option be available to increase the width of the panel?
  6. Pilate

    Typography Window

    Okay, thanks for the help!
  7. Pilate

    Typography Window

    Okay, but it seems a bit sarcastic to make such as request as a 'feature'.
  8. Pilate

    Extensis Fusion 8 support.

    Hello, I just found out about the lack of plugin support for fusion. When you state 'application set' is that within Fusion or Designer?
  9. I would find it very helpful if I could call up a font list with a RMB and subsequently roll through choices for some selected text. The location of the font menu to the far left of the workspace is a bit tedious at times.
  10. Pilate

    RightClick addition

    Am I in the correct forum here? I thought I was in the one relevent to interface requests.
  11. Pilate

    RightClick addition

    Because that just places it on the right side and requires as much mousing. I could tear off the menu as well but still it's more mousing to move it, find it, click it, scroll it.
  12. In the screencast there's three lines of text in different setups. None show a cursor when one enters into the text edit mode. This is aggravating. What's the problem here? There's also an issue with the text tool still being active and getting a V added to a line instead of returning to the move tool.
  13. Yes, the website is just beautiful, but when I click the hamburger there's no way to create an account or contact anyone about it. There's a great deal of design these days which seems more concerned with looking good than actually serving essential functions. None of these screens provide any relevent option. Is membership closed?
  14. Okay, after removing and reinstalling both Designer and Photo it turns out the font is causing the cursor to not diplay. Damn! Also, with the cursor displaying (with other fonts) it's easier to understand what's happening. At this point I'm thinking I'd prefer the escape key to ultimately default back to the move tool after more than two hits rather than remaining in the text tool. Why is that the case?
  15. That's the difficulty with using a screencast - there's no way to indicate what if any keys are being pressed. I only highlighted text to show I was in fact in the text box. If you watch you'll see that single letters were beign deleted despite no cursor showing. The essential problem here is the faulty cursor display. I suppose I'll delete and reinstall the app to see if that solves the problem. That's what I'm ttrying to communicate - that's not happening.
  16. I'd been using an application called Comic Life to make some presentations. There are some nice aspects of the app, but it's a bit tedious - What I need to do is create text containers that will have stroked outlines as well as fill. I know one can make a text frame out of shapes but I can't seem to apply a stroke (or see one) after a conversion. What am I missing here?
  17. If you watch the tools on the left you'll see the text tool remaining active while the escape key is being hit. Then the V key and viola! I'm in the move tool. But in the earlier vid you can see the letter v entered in a text box... I'm not getting this.
  18. I'm on a Mac desktop and perhaps a reset is in order. I've been trying to make a vid to illustrate but there's no way to indicate keystrokes being made (and not having any efffect) Hitting the escape key is not consistently working - that is any number of hits will not get me out of the framed text mode - and then hitting the V will!
  19. I think the problem is without a flashing text cursor or the text input symbol showing it's not apparent whether or not one's in an input mode. Also I would expect the text tool to operate within the selected text box rather than
  20. Is it possible to set up the asset/group so it formats text that's pasted into it? For instance, I've a script already typed up and it would be very useful to copy and paste snippets where needed through the document.
  21. Thanks, I understand this as a grouped set of a text frame and curves assumably. Yes?
  22. Thanks D, I don't yet know how to get assets into the application. When I opened the file I got an error message: this file is not an Affinity Document.
  23. I wonder is a script could be utilised to move in and out of a text frame mode as needed to make adustments on the fly? Is that plausible?
  24. I was afraid of that. I know it can be done however - I've attached a screencast. I wonder if a set of curves could be 'attached' to the text box outline and move along with the changes.... I'm never savvy enough it seems to get what I want.
  25. I'm not a graphic designer, so I don't keep up on the world of digtal design. I need to make a presentation of work I've done over the years as a product designer (actual items) and I'm disinclined to submit to the Adobe plantation. I do however use LR which I started using when it first came out. My question is whether I can use AD for creating a multipage presentation that can be viewed locally or posted online perhaps even taking advantage of Bespoke...

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