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  1. Hello, Last week I ported my icon projects from Microsoft Expression Design into Affinity Designer. One file contains about 500 icons / slices. In Microsoft Expression Design I had no problems - but in Affinity I have the following problems (see my sample project): Zoom and move: Open the file and go to "Export Persona" --> Zoom in and out. It is extremely slow (sometimes you have to wait more than two minutes) Up to 5 GB of memory is used Affinity Designer sometimes crashes Create new slice It is very difficult to create additional slices - the software reacts very slowly Unfold a slice group in the list Go to "Studio / Slice". Go to the end of the list and unfold the group After this the list goes up and you have to scroll down again. This is a very bad user experience - especially if you have to do this several times The following improvements would be helpful: Copy slices A button for Fold and Unfold for all items in the list I hope you can help me... Greetings juam slice.afdesign
  2. Hi, The SVG export writes the tags "Height" / "Width" always in percent. Is there an option to set the values in pixels? I found this post in the forum: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/8099-set-svg-tag-heightwidth-to-pixel-dimension-on-export/ Thanks Juergen