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  1. Hi John, I quickly assembled an empty template with the following measurements: A4, trifold, each side 2 pages with 100mm width, 1 page with 97 mm, 3 mm bleed all around. Careful: I have placed (and named) the front page (= dartboard) at the BOTTOM, so that the pages are in the right order when you create a PDF for printing. Also make sure to delete the blue boxes before printing it. When printing, simply select "crop marks" in the PDF settings and make sure that the bleed is included. Hope, this helps. a4_trifold_template.afdesign
  2. Have you used the export persona and created four ,slices' or do you use four artboards cobbled together?
  3. Hurray! Thanks, Tony. :o) And now on to a nice, early beta of 1.7 ...?
  4. Hurray! Thanks, Tony. :o)
  5. Have a look at this:
  6. Here's another converter. Haven't tried it but it looks decent:
  7. Hi, basically, the title says it all: I would like to be able to set a bleed value directly when creating a new document. Currently, I have to create the document and then go to "File" and "Document Setup" to set a bleed.
  8. I'm pretty sure that is something to think about another year (or next decade, from 2020 onwards?), when the software is out of the door and is running stable including macros and scripts on it's own. Just to clarify: This is just an educated guess, not an official answer.
  9. I better hope "childish" is meant as a compliment here, standing for "nice looking and easy to use" ... otherwise read this: Seriously? You are working in graphics / design and don't like a colourful and fun, light looking user interface? I appreciate every bit of colour, fun and lightness I can get in my life ... and when this colour is part of an awesome software I use every day, even better!
  10. Instead of master pages you can create a page-sized symbol (transparent rectangle) and place things there. It won't update your page numbers but might at least be a work-around for graphic elements.
  11. Scrivener is awesome!
  12. If you don't mind, Dave, I'd like to have a quick answer to a variation of question 1: -- Will Publisher be able to create a Table of Contents at all, when it comes out? Or is that something for a release after 1.0? Thanks. :o)
  13. I had the same issue a couple of days ago, the most recent update just didn't show up on the AppStore Updates page. I logged out of the AppStore, re-started the computer, opened AppStore, logged back in and the update appeared.
  14. Glad, that you can at least confirm that they are awesome (I kind of suspected that already). I do have an idea, or rather a wish, on what they should or could do ... if they do what I think they do, I'd be over the moon, if they do anything else, I'll probably still be super-happy with them. :0)
  15. I might be the only one here, but I'm actually looking forward to re-building my layouts from scratch ... some of my templates are ten years and older, they have been changed, updated, extended and fiddled around with regularly, but starting afresh and modernising how the styles and master pages work while dumping some of the old workarounds and ballast, will be a wonderful breath of fresh air and speed up my workflow even more than just a blazingly fast (just assuming here) software.
  16. That is strange, I just created a ew document, added art oards and sll of them appeared as slices. Which version are you using? I'm on 1.6.0 on MacOS.
  17. Can you zoom out and show me a screenshot of your artboards, please? To me, it looks as if everything is arranged on ONE artboard / layer, but I'd like to check before making any conclusions. :o)
  18. And another big YES from me ... the slightly larger grey square in midst of slightly smaller grey squares is really hard to make out after working on the screen for a couple of hours.
  19. Yes, please! In the latest version(s) these circles and the colour swapper have become almost as ridiculously small as in Adobes software ... putting them right in the tool pallette and separating the two is a GREAT solution!
  20. Hi, I was just browsing the website for QuarkXpress 2017 ( and found that they actually recommend Affinity Photo as an accompanying application for image editing (FAQ section about "other tools for specialist tasks outside the Creative Cloud"). Screenshot attached. :o)
  21. Hurray! Congratulations!!!!
  22. Wow, that was quick ... just installed beta 7 yesterday. Glad, development seems to pick up speed again, now that the biggest iPad issues are solved. :o)
  23. There is no real ,manual' in sense of having a printed everything-you-can-do-with-affinity reference book; The separately offered "Workbook" (available on amazon and directly from Serif), is more a creative tool that shows nice examples and step-by-step guides, showing some real-world ways to use Affinity Designers tools (e.g. what ,creating a fountain fill' can be used to achieve or what is a possible way to work with ,Bolean effects' in practice). If you want a list of all features and explanations on how to use them and what they do, the included help file (Help Menu / Affinity Designer help, don't forget to have a peek in the table of contents, the small hamburger menu in the main help window) is the best way to get this comprehensive information for the exact version of the software you are using. In addition to that, the official video tutorials ( are also kept up to date and teach a lot of interesting stuff. At the speed the software Is evolving, every printed reference book would be out of date as soon as it leaves the printing presses, so, in my opinion the integrated help and regularly updated videos are an ideal combination for learning how to use Designer (and Photo). In addition, you've got this forum where a lot of people (including the actual programmers), hang around, answering questions and help with everything you want to do. :o)
  24. Hi Five, is that the royal ,we' or are you speaking for a group of people in your office / company?
  25. I have just renewed my InDesign subscription for another year ... hopefully for the last time.