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  1. When I select graphic text an place it anywhere on the page, Publisher creates a text frame of exactly the size of my text ... would not actually bother me, but it also applies the text frame background color that was last used (even when from a different project).
  2. Thanks for looking into,this, Dan. I’ll play around with the text document later this week and reply with my results here.
  3. I have noticed that whenever I place a PDF file, then use the properties bar to trim it to the TrimBox (or any other box) and finally apply text wrap, the text wrap always used the CropBox which means the textflow is too far away from the PDF and sometimes the columns left and right of the PDF are affected as well (depending on the Cropbox size).
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that www.qoppa.com is running a 50% discount for their PDF Studio software. I have not tried it myself (trial is currently installing), but the release notes say something abour colour separation.
  5. I always used a plugin called "IndexMatic" in InDesign because the on-board-function was a bit limited.
  6. Jedes Objekt ist eine Ebene — ist etwas anders als gewohnt, bringt aber einige Vorteile. Statt ‚Ebene‘ denke einfach ‚Objekt‘, dann hast Du Dich schnell dran gewöhnt.
  7. Automation for this would be nice too, by the way — it‘s possible to search a single Topic in the whole document but not to automatically create an index (or a base) by searching and placing index markers for the whole topic list.
  8. Because it‘s quicker than taking my customers list and typing it in one by one?
  9. Does anyone know if and how it's possible to import a text file into the Index panel (I've got a list of appx. 200 topics and don't want to add them manually if at all possible)?
  10. A Designer document with several artboards. When placed in Publisher, the aboard-selection is mixed up (see screenshots; selection shows "lerbuecher", document shows artboard "schulferien" -- second screenshot is from Designer, showing the artboards and names.
  11. 1) create artboard 2) create background object (same size as the artboard, e.g. a background) 3) create some other objects, place them on the artboard 4) create second artboard 5) select "artboard" tool from the toolbar 6 click on first artboard and observe layers --> The Artboard tool selects the artboard as well as the background object
  12. Hi, do any of you know what the "link Dropbox" feature in the section "Linked Services" of the preferences panel is for? Is there a different between using this and simply syncing files via the normal Dropbox in the Finder/Explorer sidebar?
  13. In the German version of Photo 2, the feature "save reduced" (pops up when saving JPG or TIF images in the original format after editing is translated as "Speichern mit Ebenen" which translates to "save with layers" ... exactly the opposite of what it does. Please fix as soon as possible!!!! The correct translation is either "Speichern ohne Ebenen" or "Reduziert speichern"!!!! Edit: This issue popped up when using the "edit" image button in Publisher and then switching to the Photo Persona.
  14. I have encountered several cases where the ,Find' feature did not find strings of text I could easily find in the document with "search" feature of a free PDF viewer. This usually occurs when searching for several strings in a row (e.g. search "string1", then "string2", then "string3" and so on) ... at some point the software just stops finding things.
  15. I really do like version 2 of all three apps -- I do believe though it would have been good for the software to go through a public beta cycle, same as version 1. While I have not found any ,showstoppers' and the software runs stable for me, I already filed four or five bug reports during the past few days; This is way more than I ever encountered in the later stages of version 1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one or two hot fixes and for future updates that (in additon to new features as promised) also fix these things that are slightly cracked (not broken, just ... a bit annoying).
  16. When searching for ,glyph' in the help menu, the path to the Glyph Browser is shown as "Text -> Glyph Browser", which is wrong. I needs to show "Windows -> Text -> Glyph Browser" because the features has moved.
  17. Never noticed it before even though I almost always work with artboards …
  18. When bleed is added to a document after it's creation, it's not displayed correctly (before someone asks: yes, I have selected "view bleed"). 1 -- This method works: a) create new document b) enter bleed value while creating the document c) result: the bleed area is visible, when content is moved into the bleed area, it's displayed 2 -- This does NOT work 🙂 a) create a new document without bleed b) add bleed through "document settings --> bleed" after the document has been created c) the bleed area is shown (blue lines), but the content stops at the artboard frame, even when pushed into the bleed area This is purely a display issue, output to PDF is fine.
  19. When text with different values for "horizontal scale" is selected, the Character panel shows one of the scales instead of a "–" marking that there are several different values used within the selection.
  20. Every time I paste text from the clipboard into the "Find" field of "Find and Replace", a Paragraph symbol is added -- this symbol ist NOT part of the clipboard content; For the screenshot I copied part of a phone number. I noticed this bug when I copied and pasted a number that appeared several times in my document and it didn't even find the instance I had copied because of the added character ...
  21. The left sidebar re-appears, when i click on account -- when I select "Recents" it reverts back to what you see on the screenshot, when I click on "Account" the window goes back to normal ... didn't mention this, but please consider it part of the bug report. 🙂
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