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  1. Great thing! Works perfectly on my machine.
  2. Yes, but you still have to create a frame first. Same in Publisher ... when you create a text frame, you can ,auto-flow' it onto the next pages by holding the SHIFT key and clicking on the text flow button. But, again: You have to create a frame first (the thread starter wanted to have a ,page margin' like in Microsoft Word and other software that works without frames).
  3. Hi, when entering any measurements using the numeric keypad, the "comma" key in the numbers block is not accepted as decimal separator for the numbers I enter -- it would be a great timesaver, if I didn't have to hover my hand over to type a "period" from the normal keyboard. Given that I am used to using the numeric keypad, this tiny change could save me HOURS every week (I usually type it in on the numeric keyboard, the decimal point doesn't get recognised, the shapes size is wrong and I have to start over again, using the period key ...).
  4. Are Assets I create with one program available in the others too?
  5. Betas of Designer and Photo 1.7 that are compatible wirh Publisher (and activate the two personas) are being worked on. Serif has stated that they are going to be out with one of the next Publisher betas. Until that happens, Publisher files will not ve compatible with Designer and Photo (they need a new file format that includes linked text frames, linked images, pages ...).
  6. Publisher is not a text editor or word processor -- as every other professional, modern dtp software, its frame based.
  7. Hi Timo, create your text frame on the first page manually (2 columns), copy and paste ALL your text and then click the text frames flow icon while holding your shift key.
  8. @LyricsGirl I the upper right corners are two buttons to open / edit elements in Photo (images) and Designer (vectors) -- as stated on the download page of Publisher Beta, these buttons will be activated later, when new versions of Photo and Designer are ready, which, according to Serif, will be some time later during the beta tests.
  9. There is a "transformation" panel that shows the size of each selected object (very similar to InDesign, with numbers and 10 anchor points from which the size is calculated). Take have a quick peek in the lower right corner of your screen; If you cannot find it, please activate it in "View--Studio--Transformations". Or am I missing something in your request?
  10. @Seadog Standard crop marks are there, you can simply tick a box in the PDF export options to include them.
  11. Create a text frame on your first page; insert the text (copy, paste); Hold the SHIFT key and single left-click on the ,text flow' icon of your text frame.
  12. @sc300 Aaah, thanks. Yes, that makes perfect sense!
  13. @sc300 Do you actually need a 'feature' for the slug are? Can't you simply place text or info outside the page and then export the page with, say, 10 or 15 mm bleed to include this stuff in the export? Is there a difference? @Fixx What do you need bleed guides for? When I get a file with them, they normally confuse me, because they look like a second set of cropmarks. What is their actual use?
  14. After playing with it for a while, I quite like the way master pages are currently ser up and used. Coming from InDesign, I am used to the master text frames too, however, if you REALLY think about it as soon as you ,use' the master text frame, it kind of becomes a normal text frame in this page. To keep Publishers approach with the layers and such, I could image having a special marker on some master page objects (right mouse button, set as template object?) and when a master page is applied, all objects with this marker are moved in the standard layer instead of the locked master layer of that page. This would solve the problemof a ready available text frame AND give users the advantage to set these markers on other objects as well, e.g. picture frames that are always at the same position but include different images. Not sure how to get the text frame flow going, but manually connecting the frames wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, until someone comes up with a genious idea.
  15. I am working a lot with tagged text and it would help immensely, if the "Find and Replace" Feature would allow special characters and commands in the ,replace' area (typical example from a badly tagged text: Find "##para##" and replace with "Paragraph Break").
  16. See title ... it would be very helpful for me, if there was a single button (or keyboard shortcut) to view and hide guides, baselines and so on. That would help me to switch easily from "working" to "evaluating the design / layout".
  17. You can create a slice that spans your three (or more) artboards in Export Persona of Designer and export as one PDF.
  18. You can simply create landscape pages by entering a different page size (e.g. 297 wide and 210 high for A4 landscape); There is also a ,portrait' tick box in the page size menu, that can be unticked if you want the page size to be landscape instead of portrait. In regard of the page background, I suggest putting a full-page rectangle on the master page(s), that should work just fine.
  19. I'd use Designer for that and put several artboards next to each other.
  20. Wow, that is nice, Dave!!! Works for me. Going to try, how that works when left and right pages are off-centre (different text frame positions needed) tomorrow.
  21. In my opinion, it's very dangerous to simply disable / enable using the baseline grid by clicking this one little button in the main menu ... this way you can easily mess up your entire layout with a single click and (if you're unlucky) not even notice what you've done. It would be much ,saver' to use this button to simply SHOW and HIDE the baseline grid and set it's usage either individually for text frames or have a tick box "honour baseline grid" in the text style settings.
  22. Sorry, you are right ... I was to quick to assume, this would unlink my text frames from the master pages. My mistake.
  23. People who are interested in testing a non-production beta version of a specialised professional DTP app, should in my opinion know what they are doing. I expect the tutorials for the final release to be of the same great quality as for their other app. "Failing" is a very negative word.