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  1. I’ve been using Serif products for many years now and I know the quality has been improving all the while. I’m now using Affinity Designer (Beta) for Windows. Although I use DrawPlus, I also use Inkscape and Illustrator. I use Inkscape for drawing and node work, the controls and flexibility are far superior to DrawPlus and Illustrator. I use Illustrator for envelopes, mesh work and perspective. For everything else I use DrawPlus, and now Affinity Designer. For a look at the kind of stuff I do go to greenflydesigns@gmail.com I know from using your products that you are constantly keen to improve your products. However. I also know that in a design timeline it’s hard to slot-things-in without major redesigning work. But I thought I’d give you some suggests any way, if it’s impossible I’ll understand. Any hoot, I feel Affinity Designer could really do with - Undo / Redo Arrows ( I know you press Ctrl+Z But still my mouse pointer whizz around the interface looking for Undo button) Being able to move things to the canvas – without them becoming invisible. And also being able to draw on the canvas little designs away from the bigger more complex drawing would be good. Same curve line after deleting nodes – Inkscape has a great feature when you delete nodes it not only maintains the curve… it improves it. Brilliant! Envelopes & Perspective features – illustrator wins this one hands-down it would be great to see them appear in Affinity Designer in some form. Customisation of the interface. Always a favourite go to feature of mine. I’m new to Affinity Designer (as are most Window users) so if these features do already exist, I apologies. However, they are too well hidden – a tutorial video would help. Having said all that. Affinity Designer is in itself a work of art and I have highly recommended it to my friends. So keep up the good work. I salute you Sirs ( and the ladies) of Serif.

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