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  1. Just wanted to know if there is any news or rough ETA for Affinity Photo on iPad. It's been announced as "on the way" for a while now. Anybody have an idea when/if a beta version will be released? Thanks
  2. Thanks Hokusai. I'm not a printer (clearly - what, no Photoshop?) and will be happy to let the printer worry about it, but I remain curious and wish to learn as much as possible so that when I do talk to a printer I can take better advantage of his/her skills in order to achieve the output I want. As for raster vs vector, I am aware of the difference (at least in theory) and for the piece I am currently working on I will likely want to use a combination of a photo and text overlay. The text will need to be "wrapped around" the object that appears in the photo. In any case, I figured I'd invest in learning Photo to start with. I'm at the bottom of what looks to be a steep learning curve, and will be happy to take a look at any resources, online or otherwise, that you may wish to recommend. Thanks again. Harry22
  3. As a complete newbie to Affinity Photo (and with no PS experience) I would like to know if anyone can point me to a decent vimeo/youtube/whatever video tutorial on how to prepare a photo with CMYK output for silkscreening (with frequency&angles for each channel, +anything on adding single spot colors to a screenprint. There are a few on youtube for Photoshop but I have not been able to find anything comparable for Affinity Photo. Thanks for any help.