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  1. I was pleased to see that Designer has the usual six fields for justification: minimum, desired, and maximum for letter spacing and word spacing. However, letter spacing can't be set below 0%. This makes sense for word spacing, but minimum letter spacing is usually a negative value in justified text. I just checked in Illustrator and word spacing can range from 0% to 1000% while letter spacing allows -100% to 500%. Also useful (if typographically unwise) is a third row: glyph scaling. In Illustrator, this can range from 50% to 200%.
  2. Maxgraphic

    „Unlock all“ Command

    It's been a while since I've used FreeHand, but I think locked objects are selectable, but locked layers aren't. That might be the best of both worlds. One place where "locked but selectable" is handy is for alignment. Selection in Illustrator is such a train wreck that almost anything would be an improvement.
  3. Maxgraphic

    „Unlock all“ Command

    Why not do it the Freehand way and let locked items be selectable but not editable? Then we could simply select all and unlock.
  4. I use the space bar often with the Pen tool. It's really handy to not have to switch tools to reposition a point I just made. Here's a gif of the mechanic in Illustrator: