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  1. I can't send photos to my iPhotos to my Mac. It's just not doing anything. Is there a fix for this? I have no other way to get photos to my computer after fixing them or at least I'm not aware of any other way.
  2. One last question, if you guys don't mind. Why is it that in my Photos, on my MacBook, after I upload them it shows my photos are RAW, which is how I have my camera set, but when I upload the same photo into AP on top it shows it as jpeg? Thank you for all your help!!!!
  3. Thank you all for replying. I have purchased the Udemy class some time ago but I find Affinity tutorials help me more. I guess I'll just take one step at a time. Also, I take a lot of photos with my iPhone- do you find that jpeg images aren't as easily edited as raw?
  4. I'm new to photo editing and when I look at all the different options available, I get overwhelmed and just don't know where to begin. I wish there was an explanation to what all the different options mean and an explanation of when and in which scenario they should be used. So, I'm wondering if such a website or video in AP exists? I watch all the tutorial videos but unless I understand when I should use the different options, e.g. masks, layers, brushes, etc., I won't be able to edit my photo properly. When I try to follow what's being done in the video on Vimeo, my photos look horrible then I get frustrated and just do basic editing on my computer.
  5. I tried to purchase this app via Apple iTunes store but it said the app is unavailable....Is there something I don't know about purchasing it? Thank you!
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