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  1. Thanks that clarifies things. Yes the texture line style and properties panel is very confusing to have present but non-functional in Photo. Of course, rather than removing the buttons, I would rather have the 'stroke path' feature added!
  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for the response. Your approach works for me in Designer, but not in Photo. I'm now using full version 1.5.1. Steps I'm taking based on your approach: 1) Make and select a curve using the Pen Tool 2) Click a brush (any brush) from the Brush Panel 3) Nothing happens, no matter what the settings are in Stroke Panel Steps from my original approach, to try to 'stroke a path with a brush': 1) Make and select a curve using Pen Tool 2) Select Texture Line Style (paintbrush icon) in Stroke Panel and increase Stroke Width 3) Select 'Properties' (before or after selecting a brush in Brush Panel) 4) Brush - Selection dialog is either grayed out or has no effect on curve appearance It seems like Photo brushes are not usable on curves, despite the 'texture line style' option?
  3. In Affinity Photo Trial (1.4.3), I want to apply a brush/texture/pattern to a curve. The stroke style panel has the option to select a texture style, and then it looks like the "Properties" dialog is the right place but most of the buttons are grayed out and I can't figure out how to load a texture or brush. The only settings that seem to work are to make a solid stroke or a dashed stroke. What am I missing?
  4. I want to keep this on the radar, and second smallreflection's observation that Sketch has this feature. In fact, from even just a little bit of use, Sketch's implementation of styles and default 'transform each' behavior is really wonderful for the 'edit lots of data points' use case. I still prefer the experience I had using AD other than this missing feature though. Please please please add this!
  5. Hi MEB, Thanks for your response. Of course, that's disappointing news. To the extent that this sort of feedback is helpful for your planning, although I've enjoyed AD, lack of "transform each" (or scripting support that would allow me to add it myself) is a dealbreaker for me. Editing data visualizations in vector software is a pretty common use case these days. Hopefully "Transform Each" will make it on the roadmap soon. Best, Jason
  6. +1 . I'm still evaluating AD as a tool for editing data graphs output by analysis programs like R, matplotlib, etc. That means I've got 100s-1000s of individual points I want to transform the same way (say, changing the radius and fill of circle data points). What's the current best practice for doing something like this if "Transform Each" isn't available? I noticed a few threads from years ago asking for this feature, but what's the current status? Maybe AD 1.5 has better support for this? (I don't have access to the beta because I haven't bought yet... because I need a way to do batch transforms for the program to be usable for me). Thanks.
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