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  1. Could we please start dealing in real dates? Will Affinity Publisher arrive in 2017? To be honest, if it doesn't, I give up. The timeline has been pushed back how many times? Sorry, but this is starting to become a lie. Publisher will never be a live product is my strong belief at this point. And while Photo looks like a great product. . .and while Designer looks good too but doesn't do charts. . .Publisher is the product I need most. Since it will not be an actual product, I most likely will be stuck with Adobe InDesign etc. Adobe needs serious competition -- competition that will actually make them innovate instead of playing small little games on little "improvements." Many designers were hopeful Affinity would truly take that position. The best options at this point are to stick with Adobe or piece together a suite of products that can get the work done -- QuarkXPress, Affinity Photo and I don't know what else to do the charting Illustrator sort of does now. Good luck everyone.
  2. Well, not having Publisher ready is keeping me from purchasing Photo or Designer. I would want to work with the suite of products. I guess I will see if there are other alternatives.
  3. Will you need beta testers out in the field? I am starting a side/personal project that is a magazine. And I am hoping to start building it with Publisher -- rather than using my work computer and InDesign. Don't get me wrong. I love InDesign. I just can't afford to pay such a steep price and have it as a subscription. I am glad to see Affinity is providing a straight product purchase model. So, I am really looking forward to Publisher. Keep up the great work. Thanks.
  4. We have used Chartwell for some simple charts. But most of our charts are created from very detailed data over a period of ten years or more. For example, Chartwell cannot make a line chart with a fund, three indexes, and quarterly data over a forty year period. I wish it could. Illustrator does this, but we must jump through a lot of hoops to clean up the data to make it work in Illustrator's archaic worksheet. For example, if we use dollar figures in a line chart, Illustrator will not accept those numbers with dollar signs on the front or commas separating the hundreds. So we have to clean up the numbers before the app will create the chart.
  5. Hello, I am a graphic designer in the financial services industry. We regularly create charts and graphs for printed materials. We are stuck with Illustrator since it is the only tool we know of that will generate a chart from data that stays intact for updating and provides us with a vector final format. Now Illustrator is okay, maybe even good. But the chart/graph tool hasn't changed much since 1990. Really. I do know. There are other programs that can make charts but that don't provide the use of Pantone colors, easy updating, and that vector format plus will easily import data from Excel or other spreadsheets. Designer looks like it can take the place of Illustrator in most cases. Why not take Illustrator's place as a charting tool too? Or you could go the extra mile and create a vector chart making application that ticks all the necessary boxes. Thanks. Paul Bunyar Shawnee, Kansas, USA
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