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  1. Walt, thank you so much! I've been trying intermittently for three days to work that out how to do it and was getting rather frustrated. John
  2. Pasting text of a large multi page article seems clumsy, with all that linking of text frames, In fact I cannot get to grips with it. Is there a way of adding pages with text frames and flowing the text automatically?
  3. Well, I have used Serif products for many years and, until now, been very satisfied. But Affinity Photo is giving me problems and I'm thinking of reverting to PhotoPlus. I have a decently specified laptop running Windows 10 64 bit. My complaints are first that it is very slow to boot up, second and most important, it is unstable and all too often I'm working on a picture and suddenly get the "not responding" message. I have noticed that one of the first indications that the program has stuck is that the crop icon is "faded out". Another thing which may just be a coincidence is that landscape photos seem to be more likely to freeze than, for example, pictures of people. Anybody else have these problems?
  4. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for my comment, but here goes. I have been using Serif products for years and been very satisfied. However, I am not a professional and for my needs Affinity Photo appears far too complicated and, in some places, awkward. Here are 2 examples. 1.Why is it made hard to save as a jpg? 2.The simple controls in Photoplus for adjusting contrast, levels etc are there but quite hard to find. I fear that Photoplus in the Legacy range will be discontinued. If that happens I will have to use another product, I cannot see Affinity Photo as suitable for my modest needs. John Kelland
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