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  1. Please correct me if I'm wrong but the Pen Tool cannot be used in conjunction with a more complex ongoing selection but only as a separate operation. E.g. After making a selection with Flood Select Tool, + elliptical marquee, + freehand selection tool, then you are still able to jump into quick mask to refine further. If however you attempt to add with the pen tool, you will lose your selection ... unless you save it obviously & target the "Pen Tool" areas in a secondary stage. A pen tool that can work in quick-mask mode or during a multiple tool selection build would be incredible and far more desirable than a polygonal lasso option. happy masking folks! Posted Yesterday, 06:34 PM All, We are going to add a polygonal selection tool in Affinity Photo 1.5.. against my better judgment! People should be using the Pen Tool (in straight line mode - from the context toolbar) - then using the "Mask" and "Selection" buttons to turn it into a selection. The Pen Tool is far more powerful than any polygonal selection tool in any app!! Thanks, Andy.
  2. This is very possible indeed but since it's not a progressive selection element as such, remember to save your previous selection or you will lose it (e.g. save as a mask). A pen selection option for masking during quick-mask mode or general selection building would be a very nice touch. 3. Show a preview selection line between nodes (also helps so you can tell where you have deleted back to!) 4. Double click to close path. Nice to read that this tool is on the road-map for a bit of a tune up. P.S. closed path lasso tool was fun to learn! :lol:
  3. Now in version 1.4 and apparently no method available to re-position or draw from center with 'crop' or 'marquee tools' by way of keypad modifiers during the operation. If any of you designers out there find these functions imperative then please add a +1 to this feature request. I'm a little concerned now about this feature being considered since this request was first placed during Feb 2015 & now we're a year and a half down the road. Don't mean to sound desperate but .... cheers all :)
  4. For those who might come across this post & are looking for a method .... In AF Photo (tested in ver. 1.4) Go to Preferences >> Keyboard shortcuts > Photo > Miscellaneous > Set fill to Black & White > & press D key to set or whatever you prefer. If you see the conflict triangle, hover over it to see what it is (not the section, sub section it's in though unfortunately). You could set fill to 50% grey as Shift 5 while you're there? Hope to see keyboard command slots available for fill with foreground / background coming up? cheers :)
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