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  1. Is the extent to which you you have a scrapboard or pasteboard limited in size, or proportionate to the defined page size?
  2. Let me try to bring this thread back on-topic: :) -g
  3. "Keister" is circa 1931, probably of Germanic roots, and you can sorta figure it out in context. :) I have never, as my Dad used to say, "strangled the cat", an affectionate but derisive term for my cousin Susan who did take violin lessons, but sure didn't play the violin! :) I believe "strangling the cat" also applies to the inept use of bagpipes. Nope. I took up guitar when I was 12 to be cool (to stop being beaten up in the lav at school, IOW). My hands weren't terrifically strong, so I had an Affinity (see how I snuck the topic name in?) for Rickenbackers: very slim neck, very low action. I model them ever so often, and draw different models: My wife calls my work Guitar Porn. And I'm severely off-topic, sorry! I'm a Mod on a different forum and should know better! —g
  4. Oh, gosh, Alfred. I think I've misrepresented my talent, sorry! The violin belongs to a collection of rendered models I've created over the past 20 years. This collection is in no way intended to represnt my drawing talents, in software or with an actual pencil! I am seriously going to consider re-rendering my drawings, however, and there is a gallery of my past CorelDRAW and Xara work... Bouton draws attention Tanks for the lovely mistake, however, Afred. Much appreciated! For the record, the videos were mostly created in Cinema 4D and edited in Adobe After Effects (different category in Behance) and I think the logo work, the fourth collection, is a combo of C4D and Xara. And I see I haven't added to any of the collections in four years. I need to get my keister in action. Or my skills. Or both. Kind Regards, Gary P.S. I'll bet I play the violin worse than you. And worse than Cumberbatch on Sherlock Holmes.
  5. Hi Rik— Buddy, it's your opinion that this tea set is one of my best pieces. If you look at the copyright on this site, it's almost a year old—I've not been curating it. Sad to say, that because of an attention deficiency (not A.D.D., just a pinhead!), I've got work scattered all over the web. Some site go out of business, like Graphics dot com, while others are wickedly hard to upadate, such as the Featured Artists on Xara's site. Well, Rik, as long as you've posted the image you like, there's no sense in me adding it to a gallery. :) How about a link you might not have been to before? A gallery at Adobe/Behance I'm absolutely LOVING this beta! Here's a rework, using AD, of a graphic I did several years ago. Some say it's unsettling. Others say it's my self-portrait... Obviously, there is no Blend feature in AD (yet), so I was able to goof with gradients and transparencies to approximate what I'd originally done. My Best, Gary
  6. Thank you! I'll give it a try. BTW, I feel AD is alreafy mature! -g
  7. Programs I use a lot, and AD is going to be one of them, require that I use keyboard shortcuts, which means I need to memorize them. I have no more brain cells to memorize AD commands such as One layer up, to back of page, and so on. I realize that a lot of the AD commands are Illustraotr's to shorten the learning curve, but please consider that Illustrator isn't as familiar to a lot of Windows users as, say, CorelDRAW is. Can we pleae have a shortcut Editor, so, for excample, I can assign "to layer Front" to something such as CTRL+F? I'd be super-appreciative for a shortcut editor! TIA! Gary
  8. Yay! And THANK YOU! And YOU GUYS ROCK! And MY CAPS LOCK IS STuc...okay, it works now. -g
  9. Thank you! I'm retrograde, too, only not in name! Yes, I use "feathering" and overlay gradients combined with gradient transparencies in Xara all the time. One in a while you need a contour, though, might we agree? I'ts very hard to outline, or create an Oxford rule for DTP without Contouring, although I guess you could convert a stroke to a path and adjust the outline width several times, eh? Thanks for all the great help, everyone. I'm sorry I'm not on the board as often as I'd like to. I get book-writing gigs only about once a year, so it's feast time in an otherwise feast or famine financial year right now! My Best, Gary
  10. All you folks are making me feel very welcome here! Thanks; I feel like I have a new place to hang out. Wow! Alfred! elephants 'n' Bears was my very second typeface! I think I'm up to 20 now, some of them free, all of them a labor of love. Speaking of Love, I love, love (and did I mention "love"?) AD. Thank you so much for porting this to Windows! My Best, Gary
  11. I'm not sure I saw it, or it was recently implemented, but thank you for the reply!
  12. These are two Windows-oriented requests, I guess. :) First, is there a reason why we must hold CTRL to enable mouse wheel zooming on the document? I realize that the default behavior is to scroll the page, but I never use this in CorelDRAW, Xara, in fact just about no art program. Could it be an option? And can we have more tool-specific, task-related functions on the right-click context menu? I was expecting choices such as "delete node", or "convert to smooth" when I right-clicked over a node using the Node tool. Instead, there's things of questionable value such as "Rotate right" on the context menu. Please consider improvement sin these areas of speed and usability? TIA, Gary
  13. I'm sorry if this was already submitted—I did some scrolling and no joy :( Can we have Blends and Contours? Dynamic ones that can be tuned after creating, like CorelDRAW can? I didn't grow up on a mesh fill and have idiosyncratically used Blends very well in photorealistic illustrations. TIA, Gary
  14. Hi, I'm Gary Bouton, author and mediocre illustrator, and instead of taking my own advice to lurk before posting to get the Lay or The Land, here goes: • I love the abilitry to use the mouse wheel push to pan the page. Now, can the mouse wheel be set to zoom instead of scrolling, or offer the option? I'm a Windows Guy, apologies in advance, and don't care much for Adobe Illustrator, never have, because it takes something like 5 moves to do something that can be done in 2 in CorelDRAW, and one in Xara Designer. So mouse wheel Zoom as a feature request, please? • As long as there's a right-click Context menu, do you think you could put anchor (node, connector, knot, the guy a path travels through) changes on the Context menu? You know: cusp, smooth, perhaps even symmetrical? This saves a trip up to the bar on top, and I'm sure I couldn't memorize Ctrl, Alt, Shift, or combinations thereof. It's an absolutely fantastic "One oh" program, and I love the examples you've chosen from artists to promote the product. The work in one of the biggest reasons I signed up for the Beta! My Best, Gary
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