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  1. No, I wasn't aware, even though I own both AD and AP. I cornered the market on Unobservant years ago. I am delighted to hear this new. No, make that "enthralled"! Where were you guys when I needed you in 1995?! Yep, just tried getting this AD file into Affinity Photo. Worked like a charm! A million thanks, —Gary
  2. I think that is an extremely ambitious request, to display brush effects in a dtp program. Me, I'd rather the engineers devote as much times as possible to page layout enhancements so this program can outperform all others. One industry-standard has been repelling text; depending on the program, it's either really easy to deploy or excruciatingly slow and fault-prone. I'd like to see an easy way to work between AD and this publishing program Currently I have to use EPS as a "wrapper" for getting vector designs into InDesign: fancy drop-caps, distorted headlines, maps, and so on This design was so intricate, I had to do most of it in Xara; it was published just fine, but I would have preferred to publish it in a DTP program The typefaces got "funky": I hate using two programs to complete one document; I can never find the file later! Please let the line of products feature an easy corridor between them. I began with PageMaker in 1991 (I think),d and there's yet to be an easy DTP program, even for seasoned designers. Thank you for your time, and God Bless. ☺
  3. I was bruised like a ripe peach on a polo field before I learned to develop a healthy, thick skin on the net. And if someone really gets to you, convince yourself it's just a Russian bot.
  4. But if you get a medium-size soda, would it be cheaper to... sorry! Just kidding around. I think the analogy is a good one We used to call stuff on a "bonus CD" "ShovelWare" if it served no purpose other than padding (much like the center piece of bread in a Big Mac) . I believe the whole trend of "Smallware", and Affinity is doing a superb job, is to provide the creative person with the tools they want and need minus the esoterica. Someone called CorelDRAW "bloatware" once Not nice, but the idea is solid: keep the program small and fast, share code (definitely) and if you want to sell a "suite"...don't. But if you do, make single apps equitable in price. IOW, don't make me feel stupid by encouraging me to over-buy. Just my deflated ¢, *Gare
  5. Will it have special character insertion? That is,extended characters? Styles for page auto-numbering? Ex 1,2, 3 I, II, III Page One, Page Two...? Making "pulled quotes" (callout quotes) easy? AS in, "not like InDesign? decimal tabs? Hanging indents? TIA, Gary
  6. I'd love to see a lightweight DTP program come out that shares the novel interface of Affinity products to shorten any learning curve. I use InDesign CS 6 sort of by lack of DTP products within an acceptable price range/features. Microsoft Publisher deserved death by neglect because that's what Microsoft does with all graphics programs after 6 months of acquisition. I sure would like to see a sensibly laid-out program that offers easy import/export to/from Designer and Photo. Does "robust yet uncomplicated" resonate with anyone? Good to see you here, Mike! The other place is an echo chamber. My Best, Gary
  7. As much as I am tempted J Emm, I'd risk falling into the same tender trap as I did a few years ago, where I was paid to do X amount of work, then the charitable side of me kicked in and I added Y for free, and then Z, and then became unhappy and broke. :) I'd love to create a tutorial, several, in fact, if I had Affinity's support. We already have a handsome full color guide, the Official Guide, in fact. Let me think of what I can do in the next few weeks where I have some downtime. Believe it or not, I just finished writing The CorelDRAW Offical Guide X7 on Christmas Eve! So I'm taking a short break and doing some personal stuff. Thanks for asking! https://youtu.be/PgHd3jJb-j8 Gary
  8. Hi Literaturix... Small Internet, isn't it? I love this program. QED I love to post stuff that can be of use to others. Thanks for being a fan. you know where to find me now. :) My Best, Gary
  9. You're always welcome, Alfred. What say we think about posting compositions here that have made use of a texture or two? Mods: is that a good idea? If not, please let me know, but it would encourage forum participation, no? This is coming from an overworked volunteer Mode somewhere else on the Web. My Best, Gary
  10. You're welcome, Chris. I'm very taken with Affinity Designer, so why not share with a talented, rich, and diverse community? I'm flattered that my tiny gifts are so well received! I've gotta come up with something else now that's useful in AD or AP. My Best, Fary
  11. You're very welcome. Hope you rock around the Christmas Tree! :) Gary
  12. Reglico and everyone else who download the six textures: you're more than welcome and in the spirit of Christmas, here's a link to a dozen more. They're weird, but you can get wood and nature textures anywhere. :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/e7bxkn21ll0mgtm/Testures%20II.zip?dl=0 I didn't have a window large enough to capture images of all 12 seamless tiling textures. Ah. Such is life. Enjoy! Gary
  13. You're welcome, Pioneer, MEB. Gosh, I'm a novice around the interface at this point! I know how to create an asset from an imported bitmap, but not how to apply it as a fill. With other programs, I create a directory of seamless textures, and then direct different programs to that folder. I'm definitely open to other ideas here! My Best, Gary
  14. You're most welcome, Alfred. I'd love feedback. Some day I'll offer a 50 pack on Creative Market for a pittance—I'm not even considering it at present, though—and I'm wondering whether photorealistic materials, or more visually adventurous ones come in the best. Input appreciated.In the meantime, why not share, a little voice in my head is saying. And here I was believed I'd had my conscience removed when I was a child! My Best, Gary
  15. Thank you, Patrick! Although I did this in celebration of the new release, you are right; it's best served here. COME AND GET IT! :)
  16. You're most welcome! Use them in good health and good designs! This might have been the wrong place to post the free textures, though. I can't even find it amidst the new posts this morning! My Best, Gary
  17. I'd like to provide a little Christmas present to the community, some textures to use in Affinity Designer. I think I've spent a little time over 23 years creating seamless tiling textures. I gave them away when I was a host on a previous website, I thought this wonderful program and crowd might like them, too. I'd discovered early on that this is the way to get a bitmap fill inside a shape, and AD doesn't come with an assortment. I've never sold a collection commercially, I'm not sure if I need to...this is just a fun hobby for me, to get a texture to seamlessly tile, and to make the texture unique. I have some wood and rusty metal textures but heck, you can find these for free just about everywhere! :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/opcma06qu19kunc/Textures.zip?dl=0 Let me know if posting this media is welcome or not. If it's a hit, I will post another texture pack after the Holidays. I have to design my Christmas card for inkjet printing now, no rest for the weary! My Best, Gary
  18. Hi g4oge— You might to try the beta of affinity Photo rather than Designer. If you're comfortable with Corel's PaintShop Pro, Affinity Photo is a bitmap editor, just like PSP. Designer, on the other hand, is totally wonderful, but it's a vector drawing program, that does some bitmap functions, but not as many as AP. Because you are working in an object-based program, you don't select outlines of areas; they're already discrete object and you select them for moving or editing with the top tool on the Toolbox, the Move tool. Kind Regards, Gary
  19. I love Designer. Period. Now, a plea :) Can you make the right-click Context menus contain context-sensitive commands rather than almost identical commands? I screen snagged some options from CorelDRAW when over a line and then a shape. Yeah, some of the commands are the same, because a line and a rectangle share some properties. But the same snags in AD show almost identical commands. How about: • When you're using the Node tool, a right-click provides: Break path, To curve. to cusp, remove node, and so on? • When you have tow shapes selected, how about: Intersect, Add, Top from Bottom, and so on? Your software is already blazingly fast. I think it would be faster still for a user if common commands specific to a tool were right under our cursor. TIA, Gary
  20. Hi Petar_MK, I agree with your thoughts. However, I'm a Moderator on a forum, and as a policy I've learned over the years, we like to keep the forum "friendly". I don't mean to be disrespectful to you, but I think you made your point in your second and third sentence. The rest is just a little off-putting. Sorry. I love this product, and I love this forum. If I myself get overcritical, I expect someone to call me on it. Kind Regards, Gary
  21. I just received the news about Affinity Designer going gold. I think I bought it on Day One, but that's not why I'm posting. I read that AD received ten thousand 5 stars by customers on the Mac App Store. May I be (one of the) first Windows Artists to give AD 5 stars? My Best, Gary
  22. I just want to congratulate everyone who is making this maiden launch into the Windows market all the success in the world. It must surely say something about Windows designers and their craving for a fast, feature-rich, and affordable professional level program. During the beta cycle, I have already intrigued several fellow artists and shared my "secret" with them. They might be beta testers now, too! :) Here's an example of what got the gang in my social circle fascinated by the program. The biggest question was, "How did you do that?" I was easy. And you people are instrumental in great work by others to shortly follow! Get the Gold Version out soon, eh? My Best, Gary
  23. Holy Moley! 100,000 signed up for the beta? I think that's more than Windows users signed up for Illustrator 6 ! Congratulations!

  24. Thanks for that, evtonic3. It's my conviction that an object should have contro handles of some sort or another the oment a selected object is chosen that has editable attributes of that tool. Working in a proxy box sucks. A very old book from Microsoft on UI design had a mantra I like: Do not make something appear onscreen that interrputs a (creative) process. That's one of many reasons I cannot work in Illustrator for more than 2 mintues before migrating my project to somewhere friendlier! It's odd how Creature House built Expression with a lot of Illustrator's interface paradigms, but managed to escape the proxy box crap. My Best, Gary
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