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  1. fischwerk

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    Hi, Hivoltage - nice try - but it doesn't work this way. I can't select a group by a simple click on it - i always get a single part of it. If i lock all layers in the group, the group cannot selected anymore. Selecting via Layermenu is timesucking. There muss be an other way? :wacko:
  2. fischwerk

    editing styles

    Hi Callum, thanks for your reply. „Symbols“ looks like a great feature, of course i will try it out. fw
  3. Hi to all, please excuse my broken english … :blink: I am quit new to Affinity Designer, but experienced in Freehand and Illustrator. I like the look and feel of AD and its cool features. On the other hand i miss some basics. I want to work with AD effectively. It is good to work with styles, not only to give serveral attributes to an object in one click, but to change multiple objects – hidden in a complex work – by changing a single style. Or is there a search function to select objects with same attributes? best regard from the blackforest fischwerk