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  1. Hi Gabe, screen recording "Layer 1" shows a layer not being highlighted in the panel though active "Layer 2" shows an active layer not being highlighted and and an operation where the highlight appears again. Layer_1.mov Layer2.mov
  2. Gabe, an addition: one really needs the layer highlighted when its a group or a container.
  3. H Gabe, thx, no problem. I can still work on the layer. But if I need it highlighted again I do have to select a different layer and then go back.This is the point where it becomes cumbersome, especially when I have many layers and they are not yet labeled. Then I have to go to the top "Bearbeiten" and "Rückgängig: Aktuelle Auswahl".
  4. Mac Big Sur, AD 1.8.6 Hello, since the upgrade I loose the panel layer marking at certain steps. I work on one level. In between I click at another layer so that its objects are not shown anymore. Result: my working layer is no longer marked in the panel. Nor can I just click on the icon in the panel to highlight it again. Not a major problem, but irritating if you work with many layers. Please check the screenshot if I could not make clear what I mean.
  5. Thx a lot. This did the trick. Did not try it before, because the magnet was not shown in the option menu.
  6. But the options for the bar at the top are shown in my screenshot. For me everything else seems pretty standard.
  7. But that's the problem: there is no red colored magnet.
  8. AD 1.7 on MAC Where do I find the Icon for the snapping toggle? How do I get it into the symbol line at the top?
  9. Hi, I have a letterhead with some grey gradients. When I export the file as PDF for printing the value of the gradients seem to double. After PDF X4 looked strange, I tried the other PDF settings, but all with the same result. It does not matter whether the gradients are pixels or curves. The soft proof looks ok, when I export the file as jpg or eps the gradients look fine. When I place the exported jpg in the file and export as PDF X4 the gradients look fine. Settings: sRGB Forgra 29 uncoated Greyscale D50 relative colorimetric black point compensation (?) on shadow from ob
  10. Hi Chris, thx for the fast reply. You had the right idea: I looked into the "specific doc" thing. It seems the problem comes with files from one particular folder (all kinds of docs). Before or after drawing the path does not matter, I cannot change the width at all. It is the same with all other drawing tools (boxes, circles etc): they have a filling, but no contour. Same behavior in AD. Workaround: I can open a new file in a new tab and copy the image into it, or I can place the image into a file -- all tools will work as they should. However I am happy, since it seems to be only
  11. Hello, I cannot adjust the line width (stroke?) of the drawing tool. Otherwise the pen works as it should, I can fill the created spaces, select the space etc. I just don't get a contour. The panel says 0 pt, but the line on the scale is blue and the dot is stuck on the right side where it should say 100 pt. (pls see screenshot) Funny things is: when I create a new doc and draw on the empty sheet it works. The dot sits at the left side of the scale, it say 0 pt and I can move it to the value I want. .
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