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  1. So I have just started using Affinity Photo after many years on Lightroom and am really shocked at the size of .afphoto files! The two threads above are ancient - I don't know why the .afphoto files are so big, but has Affinity not managed to do something about this in the intervening 4 or 5 years, or is this deemed acceptable?! In Lightroom, I will likely open a .orf file (13.4MB) and work on that. I could have 3 or 4 virtual copies of different versions and the .orf remains the same size with its tiny XML buddy. I sometimes go out into Photoshop, but can normally do what I need in Lightroom. Once it's all set, I will export that to full size .jpg which will be between 6 & 8MB. If I open the same 13.4MB .orf in Affinity Photo - do nothing beyond going to develop - do nothing and save ... the resulant .afphoto is 87MB !! How on earth ?! I haven't begun to carry out any serious editing on numerous layers - I dread to think how big that will make the files? I have been learning all three Affinity programs, and really like them - but this could be a deal-breaker. Why are AffinityPhoto files SO big? later edit ... I should have researched this more thoroughly before posting this because doing just the same in Photoshop saving as .tif and .psd produced files about the same size as .afphoto! I still don't understand why they should put on so much weight. It is clearly time to get an additional, monster hard drive !
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