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  1. Interesting. I did rasterize like you suggested. It made a difference. Thanks. I'm still not getting the ends of slender leaves and flower filaments.
  2. The recording of the steps was saved in a zip file and the file would not attach to this message.
  3. When I open a DNG file type, it opens in Develop. After Develop the layer panel says "Background (Pixel)".
  4. I've tried attaching a JPEG export several times and get an error 200.
  5. I struggle to make selections. I've been using AF Photo for over a year. I have watched the tutorials and other help videos about selecting and I continue to struggle. I have fine detail on photos of flowers and grasses and I want to make selections for copying, masking, and adjustments.
  6. Yes, it completely powers off. My photo files are on an external drive and the program in on the internal drive. I put photo files on the internal drive and the problem happened again.
  7. When it shuts itself off, the only message on the screen is "shutting down".
  8. The memory tests were successful. I turned off many startup programs. The problem happened in PS before I switched to AP. One thing I could do is remove all Adobe Cloud.
  9. Thank you for these quick responses. I’m not home but will be soon.
  10. The title says it all. Windows shuts down when I am using Affinity Photo. It happens fairly often. I usually have multiple files open. I have run the diagnostic software and cleaned everything there is to clean.
  11. I cannot follow the Resource "core_skills.afdesign" at the top of a topic in the Workbook. Some insight onto using this would be helpful. I do not have the practice files for the Workbook and would like a link to get them.
  12. I cannot follow the Resource core_skills.afdesign. Some insight onto using this would be helpful. I do not have practice files.
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