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  1. Hi, Thanks for all the answers. I'm still a bit confused because even with TIFF I still have to select a resampling method. If I export a picture without altering its size, is it safe then to assume that no resampling is taking place, no matter what resampling method I choose? And therefore will resampling only happen if I export the image to a smaller/larger size (downscaling/upscaling?)? Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I just started with Affinity Photo and I don't know what to save my pictures as. I used to save pictures as bmp while I was working on them so that I could open them in numerous arty programs and make use of all the different tools. With bmp there was no compression or resampling, so I knew the picture wouldn't get altered. But Affinity Photo doesn't give me bmp, so can I save in one of the other formats without any resampling/compression? It looks like all the raster formats have to have some type of resampling applied. Thanks.
  3. Does that mean being able to move the 0;0 of the rulers to, say, the centre of the document? If so, I definitely need that one! Nearly all my drawings are mirrored across one of the mid-page axes, sometimes both of them. So being able to move the document origin (which is possible in most other programs) would be a definite plus.
  4. Thanks for the ideas, R C-R. I do use guides (tried them in both numerical and percentage) but I found, when working on a landscape A4 page for example, trying to work out plus/minus positions either side of the central 148.5mm vertical guide each time just adds frustration. It would be much easier if I could just put the page origin at the centre so that central guide is at 0. And as Oval mentioned, people will go back to using other apps or buy different ones. I'll go back to using my 2005 CoralDraw because even at 12 years old it still has more going for it in this area.
  5. I agree. Not being able to change the origin makes the program pretty much useless for me. Ninety-nine percent of the drawings I do are, to a large extent, symmetrical about the X and/or Y axes. So being able to use +coords on one side of the origin and -coords on the other is a great advantage. It was the first thing I looked for and I was really surprised not to find it.
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