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  1. SeanBurgess

    Visual Web Development Tool

    Hey! Thanks very much for the in-depth and thoughtful response. Short of the answer is that I like the look of Pinegrow. I'm going to take a closer look at that one. I still have Dreamweaver. I've been using it since way back when it was a Macromedia product and was called Drumbeat. I'm just very anxious to get off the subscription model. It really irritates me, especially when Adobe has made a habit of deprecating the tools I've found most useful. Muse is just the latest in a long string. I know it would be a big job, but I would still love to see Affinity apply their software design philosophy to a web tool. I'm already committed to Photo and Designer. Would just love to see everything all wrapped up in one consistent environment. Thank you again for the advice. I've been playing with Bootstrap Studio for a few weeks, but am going to try out Pinegrow. I remember testing it it a while back, but it looks like it's come a long way. I especially like that it offers the option of creating Master pages, which would be a natural transition from the work I've done with Dreamweaver and Muse.
  2. What I’d love to see Affinity wrap their excellent UI/UX minds around is a nice visual page building/dev tool to fill the vacuum left by Adobe discontinuing Muse. I used Dreamweaver for years, (even back when it was still owned by Macromedia and was called Drumbeat) and then Muse. However, Adobe has, predictably, discontinued the software and all of the tools people are pointing to as alternatives are web-based and subscription model platforms. No thanks on both counts.
  3. Absolutely love, love, love Affinity Photo and Designer, both for their own merits and also because they've allowed me to ditch some major chunks of the Adobe subscription model. At the moment, the only thing that's keeping me from cutting ties with them altogether is the fact that Photo doesn't include solutions for a few functions I find myself turning to Lightroom for on a regular basis. I don't even really need a full on asset manager. I'm okay with using Photos for most of that. What I really need is a way to easily make batch adjustments to RAW images I pull in off my camera. My usual workflow is to pull them into Lightroom, use the previews to flag a few of the images I feel have potential. Then I often make some quick exposure and white balance adjustments that I will simply sync to other images taken under similar conditions using the built-in Lightroom function.
  4. SeanBurgess


    I'm having the same issue as a previous poster, in that I cannot open Sony RAW images taken from a Sony a6000 and stored in my Photos iCloud storage. I'm going to request a spot in the beta program to see if it solves it, but am hoping that support is being added. I have no problem opening JPGs taken with my iPhone via the same method.
  5. SeanBurgess

    Frequency Separation Issue

    Using Affinity Photo 1.5.1... When I apply a Frequency Separation filter, the preview shows the high and low frequency layers as I would expect, but when I apply, the detail in the high frequency layer all but disappears and the low frequency layer looks pretty much identical to the original image. I'm leaving the default settings for the filter in place. Is this a known issue?
  6. Hmmm... well, I tried both the detailed instructions for using the Develop tools and also using the Assistant to simply switch to Apple's image converter, but I see virtually no change in the very Tetris-like patchwork of noise I'm seeing when I open the images in Photo.
  7. Awesome... thanks to both Matt and James. Especially appreciate the tutorial. I'll definitely use your advice.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a new issue or something I'm just noticing, but when I pull RAW images into Photo, the quality is really bad when I zoom in compared to the same image opened in either Photoshop or even just Photos. Am I missing something with settings in Photo that are causing this degradation? I'm attaching screenshots of the same photo zoomed in to roughly the same level with both Photo and Photoshop.

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