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  1. Chris/Carl It seems the problem has been me all along. My husband sussed it out as he was able to do the linking without too much trouble on his PC. I think the problem is, the triangle is so damned small that i have trouble holding the pen still whilst I click. Having had yet several more tries with the pen I've found that I have been able to achieve linking I've been claiming doesn't work. It still takes several tries mind you but at least I've proved to myself it does work. Its just the small size of the triangle we have to click on. If that could be a little larger like 50% I'm sure it would be so much easier, certainly much easier for the visually challenged such as my husband - I had to show him where the triangle was before he was able to see it!!! Anyway, my apologies for any problems or inconvenience I may have caused to you both. Tracey
  2. Chris What is this scaling you are talking about - where will I find it? As far as I am aware I've never set up any scaling and don't know anything about it. I've had a look on the Wacom Preferences in Control Panel but so far have found nothing there. So just where will I find them? Sorry to be so vague. Tracey
  3. Chris I've done my best using Free Studio. Hopefully it'll show you what is going on. What I did was go through the process of linking with the pen (result failure), then did the same again using the mouse (result success) then again with the pen (again result failure). However, something rather interesting comes up: when I click the source frame the pointer appears somewhat displaced to the north-west of the triangle and the mouse pointer changes to an I-beam which appears directly over the triangle. I am firmly of the opinion it is something to do with the initial click on the source frame that seems to be causing the problem as it just doesn't seem to be picking up the function required. Hence when I move the pointer away from the frame the pointer reverts to normal. I suppose it could also be that the program is losing the required function by moving the pointer. Whatever, by the time the pointer arrives at the destination frame the required function has been lost, hence the procedure fails. Anyway I hope the file is good enough for you, if not let me know and I'll see what I can do to get a better one for you. Tracey PS Sorry but I uploaded the file without changing the filename. 2018-10-11 at 12-48-45.mp4
  4. I'll try and do a video but I must be honest - it's not something I've ever done before but I will try although it may take some time to learn the process.
  5. Hi Chris I've just checked my husbands drivers and found there was a new driver to install. This has now been done and AP checked again but unfortunately text frame linking is still not working using a pad and pen but it does using a mouse. The driver version of the file downloaded from Wacom is 6.3.31-4 and as installed and showing in Device Manager is dated 25/3/2018. Hope this info helps.
  6. Hi Chris I've just checked my own pad driver and have the following info for you. The driver file installed was and still is. However, when I check Device Driver for driver version it says it is I've also checked on the Wacom site and the only driver file available for Bamboo pads is the one I have installed. As I said in my initial post it is an old pad and seemingly Wacom have now retired it. Nevertheless, it works flawlessly and I don't really see the need to replace something that works so well. This is about all I can say about this topic for the moment unless you have any further questions. I will, however, check into the driver my husband's Intuos is using and get back to you.
  7. Hi Chris and Carl I have a Bamboo MTE450 and my husband an Intuos CTL490W. Neither are professional pads and more for the home market I would imagine both being about the smallest pad available - but still very effective. Carl - The problem is that just nothing happens when I try linking. I click on the diamond on the lower right of the source frame then go to the destination frame and nothing happens other than the frame is selected the same happened when I tried on my husbands PC. Believe me, I tried numerous times but things just sat there doing nothing, no frame turning blue suggesting things were working as they apparently should. It wasn't until I changed to my mouse that I could really see how they should work. Chris - As far as I am aware I have the very latest driver for my Bamboo pad and I also have reason to think my husband's PC has the latest driver for his pad. However, I will check both and get back to you. Tracey
  8. Hi I had given up trying out AP for one very good reason - I just could not get text frame linking to work. However, not being able to sleep I decided to give it another try and now know WHY it won't work. In my everyday work I use a Wacom Pad and Pen (a Bamboo). Since I was having no success with that there was obviously something fundamental I was doing wrong since no-one else seemed to have that problem. I therefore tried my mouse and guess what, everything was working fine straight away. The problem therefore is down to the use of the Wacom gear. Perhaps now I can really get going but I will say that I much prefer to use a Graphics Pad and Pen rather than a mouse. Its what I use with PPX9 and I must say every other program I have. Therefore support for such equipment would be a big help and not just for me I'm sure. Since my Graphic Pad and Pen are rather old I tried my husbands which was replaced in the last 2 years and no, it doesn't work with an Intuos Pad and Pen either but will with a mouse. Work is therefore needed to support Graphic Pads and Pens. Those who use Graphics Pads and Pens don't want to be continually switching backwards and forwards between mouse and pen, so please, can someone do something to support this feature working, as all other features currently seem to do, with a Pad and Pen? Tracey
  9. TraceyW

    Can't Link Text Frames

    Hi Thanks bures but no can do! I've tried and I've tried but nothing happens. No linking, nothing. Sorry. Tracey
  10. Hi Am I missing something or do I really have a problem this time? I'm trying to recreate a small file on my PC which involves linking to text frames on another page. However, whatever I do I cannot do it. It either highlights the text I'm linking from or it move that frame. I've looked at the tutorial on this topic at least three times all to no avail. I've also created a frame on the same page as the first frame as in the tutorial but still I'm having no luck at all. So I ask again: am I missing something here? Tracey
  11. Hi I've only had a quick cursary look at Publisher and have some comments to make on what I have found so far. Text Frames This was the first problem I found in that text I entered in a frame was too much for the frame. Nevertheless, It was still visible below the text and I could change the size of the frame and no matter how small I made it, ALL imported/pasted text was visible. In PPX9 anything outside of the frame is hidden until you either make the frame larger or create another frame and then link them. Text Cursor I have also tried setting up a new publication complete with margins. However, 'I thought where the hell is the cursor.' I eventually found it but because it is so very fine and thin it was very difficult to see. Thing is, it gets lost on the line indicating the margin. Yes, it becomes more obvious when you import text but was still not easy to find (I much prefer the slightly emboldened cursor of PPX9). However, my husband (a big user of PPX9) would have extreme difficulty finding it due to his failing sight - in fact when I asked him find it he completely failed to do so, but he has no problem using PPX9 on a very regular basis. I am therefore fully of the opinion that the text cursor needs emboldening or something else being done to make it more obvious for all of us. Changing Pages I have this afternoon imported multi-page PDF files and tried moving through the document using the pagedown and pageup keys. No can do!!! The only way I could do this was to double click the pages required in the Page panel. End Paragraph Mark I've again just tried pasting text into a new document and realised there are no End Paragraph Marks - but do you think I can see how to display them if its even possible. As far as I'm concerned I want paragraph marks displayed as it helps to know where there are empty paragraphs and also helps with the setting up of styles, e.g. spacing, indent etc. Also, when you insert a new text frame in PPX9 you finish up with an end of story mark to indicate where the cursor is. Currently with AF Pub there is no such mark and haven't so far found any way of turning it on!!! Generally I'm not finding the program as intuitive as I would like but I acknowledge that it is still very much in Beta at present. However, I do feel there is a great deal of work yet to be done before going commercial with the program. As to whether we will get a copy? Well that remains to be seen for the future. Seeing as we're into our 70s we may well leave it be and persist with PPX9. These are my comments up to now but I'm sure more will follow in due course. Tracey